Five Things You Didn’t Know about Shadowverse

Shadowverse is a free to play old card video game that was produced and published by Cygames. The game was designed for Android and iOS devices in 2016. Shadowverse got very popular within a brief period, which triggered Mac and Windows versions of the video card game to be released later in the year. The game operates almost in the same way with Hearthstone though its producers limited the essence of the randomness on match outcomes. Besides, the game uses an anime art style, though it reuses some features and illustrations from the producer’s previous game title Rage of Bahamut. Below are a few facts you didn’t know about Shadowverse.

One of the major features to look out for in the shadow verse game is the evolve mechanic which offers the player an allowance of the played cards bonus headcounts and features at the cost of an evolution point. The mechanism enables you to play a minion before you can instantly evolve into something that is large enough to attack your other minion opponent. As a result, you can respond to your enemies’ significant threat by changing and attacking them accordingly. Though you can develop many times, you should be keen on how to use your shift points as they are your key to winning. As a result, Shadowverse is one game where you don’t just fall behind the tempo and never come back.

On the other hand, Shadowverse does not limit your legendary in the decks. Hence, it has few restrictions to guarantee you a win. Players of the game are allowed to have even three copies of any card in their active layers, and this enables them to build decks around legendary sound effects as you can easily get them. Due to this, the game is more fun and exciting to play due to its wide range of unique features.

Besides, the prince of darkness card provides a neutral legendary and costs around ten points. Whenever the legendary plays, he replaces your decks with an apocalypse pack. The apocalypse cards are of more value as compared to the prince of darkness, and they help you strike on your enemy harder and thus hinder your untimely demise.

Additionally, the blood craft card in the Shadowverse game usually has powerful spells and followers, who deal harm and damage to enemy leaders. A player should, therefore, deal damage with his fans in the early stages of mid game, then in the later half launch an attack and strike his enemies with spells which they cannot avoid.

Lastly, the diabolic drain card in the game plays a significant role in managing your defense points. Just like its name, it pours defense, and when vengeance is active, it only costs very few points. Players should, therefore, consider placing this card to the sample deck to replace demonic strike due to the role it plays in protecting them. You should as well consider playing Shadowverse due to its fun features which guarantee you a great encounter.


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