The Terror of Ski-Free

I still remember when I was like eight, just discovering random PC games for the first time. Ski-free was a hell of a lot of fun, and after much practice, I finally started to make it down the hill pretty fa…WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? DID THAT THING JUST EAT ME?

Yeah, that was definitely the most shocking moment in my short gaming career at that time, and it stuck with me for a while. It’s weird how about 40 pixels could be that scary, but it was.

Today, artist Omny87 has decided to draw an updated version of the Ski-Free Yeti, and as you can see it’s terrifying in any form. I’m surprised no one has made an updated clone of it to put on phones or tablets yet. Zynga, you’re up! Just kidding, I know you wouldn’t do it unless there were microtransactions. 100 gold coins buys you a yeti-killing gun!

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  1. It looks too short to be scary. It’s sort of like a Dr Seuss drawings with some fangs. A little disappointing, considering how “terrified” I was back when I was a kid playing skifree.

    Also, there’s no need for an updated version because you can still download the original.

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