How to Get to Desolace in WoW Classic

In the World of Warcraft, getting to Desolace in Wow Classic is best accomplished by following the advice of someone who has actually accomplished the feat. To help you achieve this goal, we’ve put together a guide the help you navigate through the confusing and difficult area, with tips on how to get there. It’s not easy, but nothing worth doing is without its challenges.

History of Desolace

Before we get to the matter of how you get to Desolace it’s good to start with an overview of the history in preparation. According to Wow Gamepedia, the first khans are the offspring of the dark union between a princess of the earth elementals and the sons of demigod Cenarius. Because of their unsightly appearance, the centaurs killed their father and became savages filled with rage. From them, the five tribes of the centaur sprang forth. The brutal race spread across Desolace with only night elves to hold them in check. When the Burning Legion wreaked havoc upon the world, the night elves left to attempt to survive during the periods of war. The centaurs gained control of Desolace and terrorized the lands.

Features of Desolace

Desolace is isolated from the majority of Kalimdor because of mountainous barriers. The western coastal area is rugged and unforgiving with frequent waterspouts created by the winds. To the east are mesas of Mulgore and grasslands with an interior of a wasteland. The mountains that surround Desolace create a significant travel barrier. The only creatures that exist in the area are the centaurs and other creatures of the darkness, save outposts set up by Naga, Satyr, the Cenarion Circle, the Burning Blade, Alliance, and Horde.

How to get to Desolace

Game Rant shares how to get to Desolace in the Cataclysm expansion of WoW. The boats that sail from Stormwind in the expansion are not available to classic players, so it will take a bit longer to arrive. The precise journey depends on the version of the game that you’re playing. We’re going to focus on the classic though.

  • Playing as a Night Elf: Night Elves may be near Asheville or the Stonetalon Mountains when leveled enough to move forward to Desolace. You start the trip by traveling to the south downward through the Charred Veil. It’s located in Stonetalon in the southwestern region. Continue moving south of the Charred Vale and you’ll find Desolace.
  • Horde: Every kind of Horde race will need to follow the same path to Dolce. Use the Undercity Zeppelin to go immediately to the Origimmar from the Sonetalon Mountains. When you reach this destination, travel the road that goes to the northwest until it connects with the path that leads to the Charred Vale. This is a southwest path. Take the small road that you will see to the corner of the Charred Vale in the southwest part. This little road will end at the start of Desolace.
  • Humans: Humans will need to make their way to Stormwind. After you’ve reached this destination, you must travel towards the Dwarven District. You’ll come across the Deeprun Tram. Take the tram to Ironforge. There you’ll find Gnomes and Dwarvens that will give you directions on how to get to Desolace. Follow their directions.
  • Alliance: Classic WoW Fandom recommends making your way from the Stonetalon Mountains at Stonetalon peak. Travel southwest until you reach the Charred Vale. Look for the pass that is located at the southern border of the Vale. This leads to Desolace. In the northern mountains to the east of the pass, you can find Nijel’s Point.

What level is required to go to Desolace?

Desolace is a place where you can complete some intriguing quests. Generally, you will be ready to take on Desolace when you’ve reached levels 30 through 40. There are a series of quests that call upon you to kill the enemies of the centaur clans and then befriend one of them. They will ask you to perform a variety of quests in Desolace.

What resources are available in Desolace?

There are a variety of resources to help you on your quests and missions in Desolace. Ores including a silver vein a tin vein, a copper vein, iron, and true silver deposits, gold veins, and Mithril deposits. Herbs include Gromsblood and Ghost Mushroom, which are native in Desolace, and very few other regions, Liferoot, Kingsblood, Grave Moss, Wild Steelbloom, Bruiseweed, and Stranglekelp.

Finding the Wind Rider in Desolace

Ordinary Reviews give us a few worthy tips on finding the wind rider in Desolace. You should keep an eye on your health level and if it’s getting low, watch out for the high-level mobs. The best way to find the wind rider is to unlock the flight path. You need to make your way to the Shadowprey Village. It’s in the southwestern part of Desolace. This is where the wind rider is located. When you see the blue waters of the coast, you’re getting close. Find the pier and go to the end of it. This is where you’ll find the wind rider.

Final thoughts

There are lots of fun and interesting quests to complete once you’ve made your way to Desolace. Some of them are challenging, so you won’t be ready until you’ve at least reached level 30 or above. Some venture there sooner, but it’s a lot harder to stay alive at the lower levels. There are high-level mobs there that can take you down fairly quickly. Reaching Desolace marks a milestone in your progress in the game and it’s a journey that is easier to complete when you have an idea of how to get there vs. trial and error. We hope that this guide has been helpful.

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