The Second Life of an Old Nintendo

I know that I’ve been longing for the days of old systems lately.   What can I say?  I have nostalgia for my golden years of mastering the original NES and even some Atari games.   But it’s not like I don’t miss things like Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo.   I’ll even go as far as Nintendo 64.

Speaking of which.   Someone decided to bring Nintendo 64 into the new age of video games.    He managed to transform this entire system into a workable portable Nintendo 64.

Check out the assembly pictures after the jump….

Images came from Acidcow but I’m not sure where the originals are from

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  1. Its just crazy thinking that all I needed was a LCD screen back in ’97’ to do something like this in order to be the “coolest kid in town”…..oh well I still have fond memories of playing.

  2. Demonic, you are assuming the person who would make an N64 handheld has friends.

    Or that he wants to play with others in general… this might be a bit of a stretch.

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