Gory 2010 Flash Game Happy Wheels is the Hottest Thing On the App Store Right Now

Chances are you’ve played Happy Wheels.  Why?  Because it came out in 2010 so it’s inevitable if you’re a gamer.   If you haven’t played it then we’re pretty sure that you’ve heard of it.  It’s a ragdoll physics game that can get pretty nasty.  It happens to be on IOS now.

The game is free on iOS right now, which helps explain part of why it’s been the number one free game on iOS for the last week.  The game already had a huge audience of millions, and now you can take some of the gruesome and deadly course with you wherever you go.  Don’t forget the free version has ads and limits you to a single character.

More characters are coming down the line, though.  If you’re into watching a guy on a segway explode in an extremely humorous way then this is definitely for you. Patricia from Kotaku gives us the play by play in the video above.

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