How Long Does it Take to Beat Rage 2?

Rage 2

Are you in the mood for more of that fast paced, smoothe and responsive game play you enjoyed in other Bethesda shooters like Doom and Wolfenstein: The New Order? Well, fasten your seat belts, because that’s just what you’ll get when you step into the world of Rage 2. Developed by Avalanche Studios, id Software, and published by Bethesda Softworks, you play as Walker the last Ranger of the Wasteland, going up against The Authority, your task being to waste General Cross before he kills all the remaining survivors. When you enter the world of Rage 2, be prepared to have your mind seductively ravaged by chaotic, quick gameplay. Rage 2 isn’t the longest FPS you’ve ever played, but make no mistake about it, it is designed to shred your sensibilities, with great speed and accuracy, and it does just that.


Having one’s feet solidly planted in the world of gaming since the arcades in the 80’s, one can get a rather clean grip on how a game is going to be on the onset, and loving open world games, it was somewhat surprising that Rage 2’s main story took just a little under 10 hours to beat. However, according to, if you tend to pile on the fixings’ and go straight for the main and extras, you can expect it to last around 17 hours. If you’re a diehard completionist, then look towards at least 28 hours or more .

When you enter the world of Rage 2, your entering a world where over 80 percent of the global population has been eliminated. Those left are dominated by swarms of sadistic, marauding gangs, bandit dens that need to be cleared, and roadblocks to be dealt with. Then there’s General Cross, the main villain of the game. In order to complete your task, you’ve a wide variety of weaponry at your disposal. These weapons can be modified to increase their damage potential. Implants referred to as Nanotrites give you the power go up against your opponents using special powers.

Rage 2’s gameplay is flooded with mayhem and madness as you smash malignant gangs to a mass of sinewy pulp in an open world built on chaos. This post apocalyptic FPS boasts a bold and vibrant color palette, side quests and more than enough vile, soulless hordes all wrapped up in a blitzkrieg of bombastic explosions. The story is comprised of 8 main missions, along with side quests and contains both FPS shooter action and vehicle combat. Rage 2 offers the player balanced game play by integrating story, exploration, and missions.

Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Rage 2 is a highly rated first person shooter, but that’s not all it offers. As such, it only benefits the player to take full advantage of perks such as special abilities for enhanced gameplay. While the shotgun is one of your best weapons early on and remains so throughout the game, you also have Nanotrite abilities like Slam, Overdrive and of course, grenades.In other words, how you play Rage 2 affects game time. Since this is the case, we’ve included some hints, tips and tricks for beginners, so they can get the most out of their gameplay as possible.

Getting Off on the Right Foot

Before you begin Rage 2, it’s good form to get a run down on how you can obtain as much advantage right from the start. This includes developing both your character and your vehicle early on. This means you should consider learning new Nanotrite skills and exploring the wasteland for items and completing side missions. Don’t forget the Arks. These objects give you access to weapons, skills and more.

Get Your Loot

Take advantage of the open world right from the onset, and begin to familiarize yourself with the wasteland map. When you study your map, you’ll notice that each location has a difficulty level and items of interest, such as crates and ark chests. So, do some exploring, obtain some upgrades, crafting items, ammo, and so on.

The Importance of Connecting with NPC’s

All projects depend on interacting with an NPC. For instance, the NPC Lilly deals with the basic project tree. So, whenever you level up an NPC you’ll earn Project Points. Project points allow you to purchase your upgrades. Activities that have a pink, blue, or yellow outline will give you project points when completed.  To do so, you’ll have to find the three who will help you waste General Cross: John Marshall, Loosum Hagar, and Doctor Kvasir. Marshall will help you upgrade your combat skills, Hagar your vehicle abilities and Kvasir is for resources. Once you gain your allies, you’ll be able to unlock skill trees, which help you to upgrade faster, and the faster you begin to upgrade, the faster you’ll beat the game. Don’t forget that each of the three allies have their own locations which function as fast travel points. Locate the NPC, Doctor Kvasir as soon as possible. This NPC will give you search and recover map markers, which are invaluable to getting a swift grasp on the game.

Gather Intel

Gather as much intel as possible early on. In order to do this, chat with every NPC you come across, search for job boards to get side missions, and of course, find the Intel Traders. Intel Traders let you exchange locations of Ark Chests for $250 per chest.

The Icarus Arc Gyrocopter

Get your hands on the Icarus Arc Gyrocopter as quick as you can when you hit level 7, as it will make your travels so much quicker. You’ll be able to fly from point A to point B without having to deal with terrain and other obstacles.


As previously mentioned, it’s crucial you upgrade as soon as possible. You can do it in a number of ways, like collecting feltrite and cash from chests, which can then be used to upgrade Nanotrite abilities and weapons. When you enter the wasteland, that’s where you’ll find a good bit of items to transform into the upgrades you need. Keep in mind to regularly check your weapons, projects and nanotrite menus to see what you’ll need to upgrade.

How to Get Feltrite Fast

Feltrite is necessary for upgrades, so begin collecting it early. You’ll be able to gain a good amount of feltrite via looting chests or farming it from the environment, which grants you access to upgrade tiers. You can also get feltrite by frisking the bodies of dead mutants, searching bandit camps, the occasional feltrite meteorite, or smashing crates that have pink tops. These crates will either contain $100, or a good helping of feltrite. But feltrite is not the only perk, there’s also Nanotrite boosters.

The Smart Rocket Launcher

Like the Icarus Gyrocopter, the Smart Rocket found by opening the Strongbox Ark, will launch a barrage of homing missiles when used. As homing missiles, they make taking out larger bosses such as Authority towers pretty easy. You can also upgrade the Smart Rocker launcher improves reloading and ammo capacity.

Free Mutant Bash Cash

Mutant Bash TV means you can make some cash by eliminating some pretty nasty mutants. Comprised of 5 rounds: Chamber of Laughs, Monkey Business, One Armed Mutant, Shipwreck Cove, and Gladiator Challenge, it takes place in the Bash TV Arena. Player speed grants you a larger bonus. So, get your shotgun upgraded, grab plenty of ammo, and get to it! However,if you’re in it to see how quick you can beat the game, remember that taking on the Mutant Bash will make the game last a bit longer.

Speedrunner CreeperHntr Kills it

While not everyone is into speedrunning their games, by taking a look at the logic of a few recognized speedrunners it’s possible to get a few hints on shaving some time off our own gameplay. In May of 2019, speedrunner CreeperHntr claimed ownership of a new world record, by completing Rage 2 at 1:53:26. CreeperHntr accomplished this feat by first deciding on the best route for their run, as well as utilizing the special abilities. According to CreeperHntr, they worked to get the rocket launcher early on, and boosting the main characters to level 5 ASAP, which gave him access to their secondary quests. Select upgrades included reload and movement speed, sprinting and aiming. However, since this last reporting, on has CreeperHntr’s run hitting an impressive 1:28:30.

Final Thoughts

Rage 2 is the perfect choice for those of you searching for an open world game that can be completed relatively quickly. However, if you enjoy the immersion that an 80 hour plus game can offer, you won’t find it here. Still, Rage 2 does provide a much needed breather between epics, plus it’s a great gaming choice for newbies who are just testing the waters engaging in first person shooters. By keeping your character upgraded, keep on the move during gunfights. Bottom line, a game like Rage 2, with it’s host of special abilities and open world build, there’s no set way to determine length of gameplay. But, that’s what tives Rage 2 it’s delicious hint of adventure, which makes it such a top-notch FPS.

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