The Five Best Little Alchemy Cheats

Little Alchemy is a simple game that asks interested individuals to create by combining a wide range of items and concepts. Initially, players start out with the four classical elements of ancient Greek belief, which would be Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. However, as they combine and combine, they can unlock hundreds and hundreds of new things to play with. On the whole, Little Alchemy isn’t going to win any prizes for complexity, but it can nonetheless be very entertaining for people who want to indulge their desire to create.

Are There Cheats Built Into Little Alchemy?

Some people might be curious about whether there are any cheats built into Little Alchemy. If so, they should know that there aren’t. However, there are a lot of people who have spent a lot of time on the game, meaning that there is a lot of information that can be found by interested individuals that can be just as useful.

Here are five of the most interesting formulas in Little Alchemy:


Interested individuals can make the Alien by combining Life with Space. This makes sense because for something to be an Alien, it would have to come to us by traveling through Space. Otherwise, no matter how strange it might seem to our notions of how the world should be, it would be counted as terrestrial life. With that said, one of the most interesting questions of astrobiology is what kind of environments can produce something that we would consider to be life. As far as our first-hand knowledge goes, life needs a very specific set of requirements. However, depending on the exact definition of life that we use, it could be that we might one day encounter life that sprung up under very different circumstances.


The Angel can be produced by combining the Bird and Human. Of course, this is a reference to the very popular depiction of angels as winged people, which was influenced to a significant extent by the classical depiction of winged Victory. In short, the earliest known Christian depiction of an angel would be a depiction of Gabriel without the iconic wings, which is presumably based on a Biblical line stating that Gabriel appeared in the semblance of a man. However, it wasn’t too long before depictions of angel as winged people started appearing, which was a very common image in classical art because of Nike or Victoria, who was a personification of victory.


For those who want a Centaur, there is the combination of Horse and Human. It is interesting to note that for the ancient Greeks, the incorporation of animal parts was a sign of wildness, which was not well-regarded by them. This is reason that most Centaurs were depicted as the upper halves of humans mounted on horses from the neck down. However, it is amusing to note that the wise centaur Chiron was depicted as a human man who stood on a pair of human legs with the rear end of a horse’s body jutting outwards to show that he was a cut above the rest of his counterparts.


Doge can be produced using the Dog and the Internet, which makes sense because Doge is an Internet meme. Dog can be produced by combining Human with Wild Animal, presumably because dogs were the first animals domesticated by humans. Meanwhile, the Internet is a bit more abstract, which is why it can be formed using Computer with Computer, Computer with Wire, and Computer with Web.


Frankenstein’s monster can be produced using either Zombie and Electricity or Corpse and Electricity. Naturally, this is based on the movie version, which was brought to life using electricity because the book never actually mentioned how Dr. Frankenstein brought life to the lifeless. For that matter, it should be mentioned that the book’s version of Frankenstein’s monster was both smart and beautiful-looking, though his beauty was marred by his unnerving eyes as well as a remarkable selfishness that was derived in significant part from his creator. Regardless, the choice of electricity for the means by which Frankenstein’s monster was animated was a very good one, seeing as how there was widespread fascination with galvanism in the times when the book was written.

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