Rooted is a New Survival Game In Development using Unreal Engine 5

Rooted is a new survival game by Headlight Studio that is being crafted with the newly minted Unreal Engine 5. This game takes place in a dilapidated world where modern civilization is just a mere memory. Explore the tombs of crumbled cities in a third-person perspective either solo or with co-operative play. Even though this game has been under development for some time, many gamers are overlooking it. The survival sub-genre is definitely sprouting up all over the place this generation. However, every once and a while a title comes along that introduces a fresh take on it. There is some depth in this game that gives it some realism, which will give this game a particular edge to it. With that said, there will also be a hefty amount of freedom to experiment with that will provide room for all sorts of adventures. This title is much more tactical and strategic compared to its counterparts, for sure.

The year is 2100 and a major event transpired that decimated humankind into dust. Biochemical warfare bombarded heavily populated areas, corrupting the landscape into zones of toxicity. Much like in The Last of Us, nature has slowly claimed its rightful regions, with trees and foliage slowly swallowing abandoned cities and villages. Wildlife runs amok and dangers lurk around every crevice. Some areas will be safer than others, with urban spots being the most dangerous. Players will be free to establish bases anywhere they want. Ether it is in the woods, the mountains, or even within cities themselves. It is entirely up to them. Of course, much like any other survival game, there will be a certain level of grinding and exploring entailed. In all fairness, this is what makes these types of games fun and also provides almost unlimited appeal. Since Rooted is now being built with Unreal Engine 5, the fidelity will only make things more immersive.

Shadows of the Past

Even though Rooted can be played mostly in the third-person, it is also possible to shift to a first-person perspective, as well. This will come in handy will in enclosed areas while scavaging for supplies. This game will come with in-game chat, to help with communication and enhance the experience. Thus, people can drop in and out during a session whenever they please. Teamwork will be an important feature in this game, but it is not truly necessary. A player can be a complete “lone wolf” with their playthrough if they so choose. With that said, there is a gamut of resources to obtain in this game while exploring. Players will need to find lumber, steel, stone, electronic scraps, and junk. With it, they can build cabins, houses, outposts, and entire bases.

Thus, players can even strip objects to get what they need. Everything from generators, engines, weapons, and other items. On top of that, there are relics of the past that can be repaired for fair use. If something like an engine is broken, finding spare parts to fix it can be possible. Naturally, crafting is another feature in Rooted that shouldn’t be overlooked. While in a pinch, players can simply make whatever they need to assist in building something. There is a slight RPG angle to this game that focuses on the emphasis on learning. The more a player salvages a particular thing, the more they will learn about it. Hence, they can assemble objects with certain parts depending on their condition. Resources will come in different tiers and rarities. Which, in turn, will help with upgrading camps and other equipment. This is also true with weapons, which players will definitely need while exploring.

Blood and Mud

There will be both NPC enemies and, of course, other players to deal with. Every encounter with another player will be a “roll of the dice.” They can team up and join forces, ignore each other, or simply try to rob each other for the loot. Anything can happen in Rooted. Animals can be either predators or prey. No doubt, that players will need to hunt for food and clothing. Just keep in mind that Mother Nature still has dangerous minions still lurking about, even during the year 2100. On top of that, there will also be drones and robot sentries patrolling around. Which were leftovers by the military after the great collapse. Being prepared for anything is the key to success in this game. Also, the map will be a very organic and living organism. Things will change periodically, and certain areas will open up and new items will present themselves.

This solely depends on the actions of the players. Some kind of a “Morality System” is in place in Rooted. There will indeed be consequences to the actions of the player. So players will need to choose wisely on how they want to survive. Additionally, there will be major events happening sporadically which will constantly spice things up. With them, will be special types of items and loot and snatch up. This game won’t be a stagnant experience. The developers are planning to keep everything alive and evolving as long as they can. At least, as long as the gaming community supports it. There is no question that this game has a certain level of ambition to it. The ideas are there, but it is all a matter of execution. There is a growing interest in this game and more gamers are starting to put this title on their wishlist.

Growth Over Graves

There is still much to discover about Rooted. The gameplay trailer that was released recently dabbled in a little bit of everything. There is some potential here and it can easily go a long way. Hopefully, the gaming community won’t forget about it whenever it releases. With that said, Rooted is scheduled to drop sometime in the near future. There is no clear window on when this game will exactly be available for the public. It will be a PC exclusive among release, but it is very possible that it could also be coming to next-gen consoles.

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