8 Pokemon NPCs You See in Every Single Game


While the analogy isn’t 100% accurate, I consider a non playing character (NPC) to be a lot like various characters that repeat themselves on certain television shows but they aren’t the main characters.  They’re the ones who you hope to see often but not often enough that you’ll get sick of them.   They fit their roles well and will never be the stars.   In Pokemon, NPCs are almost like this in that they roll over into multiple Pokemon Generations but they are far from the stars of the show.  We recently came across a comic that demonstrates the types of NPCs you encounter in Pokemon and we think it’s pretty darned accurate.

Thanks to JHall for this hilarious comic and description

There are a lot of characters, game mechanics, and environments that roll over into each Pokemon generation, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Here are those non-playable characters you will always see in new Pokemon games.







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