Romantically Apocalyptic: My New Favorite Webcomic

As I spend 90% of my day on the internet, I tend to read a lot of webcomics. Most of them are video game related, and many of them have an art style that can best be desribed as “shit.” Some are better quality, as they’re drawn by actual artists, but I’ve never seen anything like this before.

It’s a relatively new series called Romantically Apocalyptic and each strip is masterfully animated where practically every panel could have it’s own DeviantArt feature. Here’s the description by author/artist Vitale S. Alexius:

I am the captain.
The year is 20__ something something.
I stopped counting a while ago, and therefore not sure what day it is.
Humanity is virtually wiped out in a nuclear holocaust.
Me and my last squad: pilot, sniper and engineer, live in the wasteland ruins of tomorrow.
This is my story.
I am captain.

I’ve pulled a few of the latest strips for you to view below, and be sure to head over to the official site for more.

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  1. Not to burst your bubble, but this is a subtle rip-off of a comic called Gone with the Blastwave, now I’m not sure about it, it might even be the same person’s, but I think that guy’s name was Kris or something along the lines.

  2. i’ve been reading Blastwave cause of the comment up there…i see the similarities but i wouldn’t call this a rip-off…kinda like Antz and A Bug’s Life..or Armageddon and Deep Impact, very similar things but different in subtle ways…

    they’re both cool, i thank this site for introducing me to them..

  3. This looks glorious. I, too, have read Gone with the Blastwave, but the last time I checked it was on semi-permanent hiatus (redundant?).

    Edit: Just looked and it seems like someone else has taken over upkeep of a website. Doesn’t update frequently enough for me, though. I need to check out RA.

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