How to Get the Worldline Zero Exotic Sword in Destiny 2

From watching Game of Thrones and other AD movies, the greatest takeaway has to be their magnificent swords and there’s no denying we all love a good sword. Especially one that is not only exotic in its build, it is also rare to find. The Warmind DLC has decided to introduce players to an exotic and rare item called the Worldline Zero. The only twist to the magnificence of the sword is that it doesn’t come easy. Warmind didn’t give definite instructions on how to obtain this sword. However, there is not a level in the gaming world or in DLC world that can’t be figured out. Allow me to take you through the steps of how you can obtain the sword.

Tips on how to get the Worldline Zero Exotic Sword

You will need to collect the memory fragments. According to Hyper Gaming, the first thing to do that will set you on your journey to getting the exotic sword is visiting Mars. There are 45 memory fragments that are scattered across the DLC landscape which can be found as holographic data pieces. The memory fragments come in 3 distinct and basic colors, purple, blue and orange. To trigger a memory fragment, a Guardian needs to shoot the circle with its corresponding element. If the circle is purple, you need to shoot it with a Void weapon. For a blue circle, the corresponding weapon is the Arc weapon and for an orange circle, a Solar weapon is ideal. There are 45 memory fragments in Hella’s basin but a Guardian needs to only shoot 35 out of the 45 to unlock the exotic Worldline Zero sword.

After knocking out the 35 fragments you will need to head for the Core Terminus Lost Sector which can be found north of the map on Mars. In the terminus, you’ll find a large yellow and grey cache that can be activated with all the fragments that you’ve collected. In case you manage to eliminate 45 of all those memory fragments, you get a sweet reward in the form of an exotic sparrow. While swords have generally become less used in Destiny 2, this exotic one is actually very unique in its own right. According to Game Rant, the sword boasts of a really unique design where the sword flows with energy pulses the entire time it is armed.

The Tesseract which is the Worldline Zero’s exotic bonus actually allows teleportation to a later time ahead anytime a player wields the sword attack. Avengers’ fans have probably heard this word being bounced around the Marvel Universe quite a number of times so it might not be a new word to them. The Light Attack in Destiny 2 aids the player in closing the short distances but the Tessaract attack aka the heavy sword attack will allow a player to leap forward toward their enemy and pack up a good blow.

About the game Destiny 2

Wikipedia describes Destiny 2 as a multi-player online-only free-to-play video game that was developed by the company Bungie. It was originally released for Xbox One and Playstation 4 on September 6th, 2017. The following month, the Microsoft version of the game was released. The players in the game assume the title of Guardian and the task is to protect the Last Safe City on Earth. To guard the city against an alien invasion, the players have to wield a certain power called Light. One of the alien races called the Cabal is led by a vicious warlord called Dominous Ghaul. Ghaul takes over the Last City and takes away every Guardian’s Light. The player’s mission is to regain their lost power on a journey to save the city and find a way to free it from the reign of Ghaul and his fellow aliens.

Much like the original Destiny, Destiny 2 has the same 3 classes of character. Each character class has its own upgrade, special abilities, perks and the best of them all the ability to fine-tune an individual’s character to play using a different style. The 3 character classes are the Titans, the Hunters, and the Warlocks. The Hunters have access to the Gunslinger subclass which is Solar-based. They also get access to the Nightstalker which is Void-based. The Hunters’ newly added subclass is the Arcstrider and from its name, it is easy to figure out that it is Arc-based. The Arcstride replaces the Bladedancer subclass from Destiny 1.

The Warlocks have access to Voidwalker subclass which is Void-based and the Stormcaller which is Arc-based. The Warlocks too have a new subclass called the Dawnblade which is Solar-based as well. Dawnblade replaces Sunsinger. The Titans have access to the Striker subclass from the first Destiny which is Arc-based and the Sunbreaker subclass which is Solar-based. The Titans also got a new subclass that was originally absent in the original Destiny. The Sentinel subclass replaces the Defender subclass from Destiny 1.

The game also features expansion packs which include the Curse of Osiris that was introduced in December 2017. The Warmind was introduced in May 2018 and the third expansion which has to be the largest expansion is the Forsaken released in September 2018. Destiny 2 has received various accomplishments such as nominations for the Game Awards 2017 and Game Critics Awards where it managed to win and outdo the other games in their chosen categories.


Destiny 2 has made it hard for Guardians to obtain these exotic and rare items but more keen players have managed to devise ways to overcome the obstacles in the game and obtain the items. Adding the Worldline Zero Exotic Sword was like asking Guardians to engage in Easter egg hunting. And just as egg hunting can be fun, trying to get the sword is twice as fun and challenging. Considering the abilities that the sword gives the player, we can see how any Guardian would want to have the Worldline Zero Exotic in their armory.

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