Star Trek Resurgence Pays Homage to The Next Generation

Star Trek has been in the video game industry for over twenty years. It has spanned a number of incarnations that range from RTSs, MMOs, and even FPSs. Star Trek Resurgence is the newest addition to this library is a third-person action-adventure title that takes place within the same era as The Next Generation. Despite that there are several timelines in which this game could have taken place, TNG is widely known as the most beloved Star Trek period. Taking place shortly after the events of Star Trek Nemesis, this game puts players in the shoes of new recruits, Carter Diaz and Jara Rydek while aboard the USS Resolute. This game is the first time that the specific Star Trek vibe has been captured within an interactive medium. The vast majority of talent that is working on this game has extensive experience with titles over at Telltale Games. This, in turn, lends nicely to the dialogue-heavy gameplay mechanics throughout this adventure.

Everything from puzzle-solving, diplomacy, exploration, and heavy-handed choices are layered into a seamless gameplay experience in Star Trek Resurgence. Additionally, there will also be sequences around combat that will help keep things exciting and fresh. Much like the conversation mechanics found in The Witcher, this new IP will let players choose between branching dialogue choices that’ll ultimately affect the outcomes of certain situations. Additionally, Star Trek Resurgence appears to be a wide-linear format in which players can fully explore their ship, enemy vessels, and even other planets. When it comes to all the Trekkies out there, Star Trek Resurgence could be the quintessential Star Trek game that they have waiting for their entire lives. Even though this game is still under heavy development, things seem to be coming together for this new title. When it comes to the specific formula that makes Star Trek so special, this game is copying it to the most minute detail.

Another Frontier

The core aspect of Star Trek Resurgence revolves around the relationships between all the characters, friends and foes alike. There will be no question that this game will have a little bit of fan service peppered throughout this journey. Both new and classic characters will be making an appearance. Every choice that players will make will have a major impact on how the story will unfold. The developers had made it very clear that having branching dialogue choices will be a feature that won’t be inconsequential. Everything a player does will have meaning. There will be a total of nine playable characters in the game. They will all be essential to the story and gamers will be alternating between them. Only a couple of characters have been unveiled and more will be introduced in the near future.

This game will have around 50 chapters throughout the campaign. Star Trek Resurgence will be structured to where the playthrough will be stacked with bite-sized chunks of the story that almost acts like episodes of the television show. There will be an overreaching arc with the overall plot, of course. Every decision made causes a ripple effect that’ll affect the rest of the chapters. Combat, of course, will consist of phaser shootouts. Perhaps, a little bit of melee will be in the mix when things get “up close and personal.” It is also stipulated that stealth will also play a factor in certain segments of the game. Chances are that players will be able to quietly take down enemies or avoid combat, completely. For some extra immersion, players will also be able to manually pilot shuttles to land on other parts of the USS Resolute and even planets.

Needs of the Few

Every chapter throughout Star Trek Resurgence will have a new challenge to overcome. Much like any other adventure game, like Uncharted for example, there will be puzzle segments to pass. Everything from engineering problems in the ship to environmental blockades will most likely make an appearance in this game. This feature will mainly consist of investigating things with a tricorder and linking things up to bypass a nagging issue. The interior of the USS Resolute and 24th-century technology will be reminiscent of the designs of The Next Generation. This makes sense considering that this time period is adjacent to that television series. Fans of that particular show will be joyous to explore this ship at their own leisure. This will be the closest thing to being on the USS Enterprise. The hallways, lower decks, and captain board will be bustling with activity. There will be no doubt that Trekkies will get a kick out of observing the inner workings of a flagship of the United Federation of Planets.

The developers have been drip-feeding content for public consumption within the last several months. Although the game appears to be a bit buggy, the general gameplay is on point. There is a lot to balance regarding all the features that will be intertwined in Star Trek Resurgence. Considering that the Star Trek IP is known to dabble in a variety of political, philosophical, social, and even spiritual angles, making a game featuring all of these elements can be a feat. The developers over at Bruner House seem to have the right idea on how to make a proper interactive Star Trek adventure. They still have a ways to go and things are coming together nicely. More Trekkies are taking notice of this and there is no doubt excitement is building.

Only Logical

Ever since the initial trailer that was dropped during last year’s Video Game Awards, information on Star Trek Resurgence has been pretty quiet. It wasn’t until recently that players got a taste of how this game is shaping up. This may be the first Star Trek game that has ever captured the spirits of the original series, not to mention The Next Generation. With that said, there is no release date established for this title. The only thing the developers mentioned is that it will be released sometime this year. Expect Star Trek Resurgence to be available for the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC whenever it drops.

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