The 10 Best Crops to Sell in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley

There is no simple answer to the question of the best crop to sell in Stardew Valley. Certainly, some crops sell for higher prices than others. However, those crops may or may not be better than others depending on a number of factors. For example, different crops have different requirements, meaning that they may or may not be as efficient. Similarly, different people are working with different setups. One example would be whether the player has unlocked the greenhouse or not. Other examples range from whether the player has set up a sprinkler system to whether the player has set up a shed full of preserves jars. As such, the answer to the question of the best crop to sell in Stardew Valley is very situational.

10. Starfruit

Starfruit is a very valuable crop. This can be seen in how the different qualities sell for 750g, 937g, 1,125g, and 1,500g. The issue is that Starfruit is a mid-game or even late-game crop. This is because interested individuals won’t be able to buy the seeds until they have unlocked the Desert, which can be done within a single season’s time so long as they are prepared to focus on it. If they miss that window, well, suffice to say that most people won’t be able to get another chance to plant Starfruit until Year 2.

9. Potato

Potatoes aren’t very exciting. However, they are the superior option for people who are starting out. Parsnips can be harvested even earlier at 4 days compared to the potatoes’ 6 days. However, basic-quality parsnips sell for just 35g while basic-quality potatoes sell for just 80g. On top of that, there is about a 1 in 4 chance that a potato will produce an extra potato.

8. Strawberries

Seasonal berries are very solid options. This is because they will take some time to mature before providing regular harvests until the season comes to an end. As a result, interested individuals can get a lot of value out of each seed. Strawberries are worse than the other two seasonal berries because the seeds can’t be purchased until the Egg Festival on Spring 13.

7. Cranberries

Seed-wise, cranberries are quite expensive at 240g. Still, they mature in 7 days. After which, they will continue producing fruit every 5 days. Better still, each harvest produces 2 cranberries with a small chance for more, meaning a minimum of 150g per harvest.

6. Blueberries

Blueberries are the best of the seasonal berries. They are available at Pierre’s for 80g per seed. Unfortunately, they take 13 days to mature, though they will continue producing fruit every 4 days afterwards. Each harvest produces 3 blueberries with a small chance for more, which means a minimum of 150g per harvest as well. This is because blueberries are less valuable than cranberries on a per unit basis but more than make up for that in other ways. To get the most value, consider planting blueberries in the greenhouse for continuous harvests.

5. Corn

Corn is less efficient than the seasonal berries. However, it comes with an upside in that it can be grown in both summer and fall. Thanks to this, interested individuals can get more harvests out of each seed even if they don’t have a greenhouse. Be warned that corn is less valuable on a per unit basis.

4. Hops

Hops are an example of a crop that can be very useful once interested individuals have created the relevant infrastructure. They take 11 days to mature. Once that has happened, hops take just a single day to produce another harvest. On their own, they aren’t very good sellers. Instead, interested individuals should use casks to turn them to pale ale, which sell for 300g at regular-quality. If they have created a lot of cask capacity, they should know that pale ale can be upgraded to higher qualities by aging them in casks. Pale ale will sell for 600g at iridium-quality.

3. Cactus Fruit

The player can pick up cactus fruit in the Desert. Those can sell for a decent bit of cash. However, if they really want to increase their earnings, they should be growing cacti for regular harvests of cactus fruit every 3 days. The biggest issue is that cacti must be grown in either the greenhouse or garden pots. This is bad because there is a lot of competition for those limited greenhouse spaces.

2. Coffee

Coffee beans are another good candidate for the greenhouse. The issue is that it is going to take the player some time to acquire a lot of them. Coffee beans can be purchased for 2,500g from the traveling cart. Alternatively, coffee beans have a 1 percent chance of dropping from Dust Sprites. Fortunately, once the player has grown some of these plants, they should be able to get enough coffee beans very fast. This is because each of these plants produces a harvest of 4 coffee beans every 2 days with there being a small chance of even more coffee beans. As such, one option would be for interested individuals to use whatever coffee beans they have managed to collect to grow some of these plants in the spring and the summer. Once they have collected enough coffee beans, they can then move their operations to the greenhouse for continuous harvests.

1. Sweet Gem Berry

Outside of Old Master Cannoli, sweet gem berries are useless, so much so that they can’t even be eaten. Even so, they are very lucrative. The issue is that getting enough seeds will be a huge hassle because interested individuals will need to come upon rare seeds at the traveling cart. The player can grow the sweet gem berry outside during the fall. However, the fact that it takes 24 days for one of these 1,000g seeds to produce a 3,000g regular-quality fruit means that they might want to put everything inside the greenhouse where they will be safe. Naturally, they should also be doing their best to make sure that their sweet gem berries are the finest possible for even higher earnings.

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