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Can You Name All the Ninjas?


Ah man, from artist Jim Rugg comes a “name them all” image that I certainly can’t complete.  It features a bunch of ninjas from TV, film and video games, and I max out pretty quickly here in my knowledge base.

I’ve gotten Naruto, the Turtles, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Beverly Hills Ninja, 3 Ninjas, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. Everyone else is a mystery, and I’m particularly curious about the pants-less white lady in the front. That’s not meant to be Beatrix Kiddo right? Someone fill me in here.

[Jim Rugg’s site]

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  1. NY, yeah I agree, the white guy on the top is Dudikoff in American Ninja.
    The pants-less mystery woman in the front is from “Ninja 3: The Domination”.
    The blue ninja on the left is straight from the cover of the NES game “Ninja Gaiden”.
    I guess we can assume the lime green motorcycle on the left is a Kawasaki Ninja.
    The large ninja head in the bottom right is Sho Kusugi from Pray for Death.

  2. The ninja in the grayish camouflage is the Cobra Saboteur Firefly. I’m surprised this fellow didn’t include Zartan as he has ninja training as well.

  3. Sub-Zero isn’t a ninja. He’s a Lin Kuei assassin(there’s a mini-series stating this, it should be on youtube[Scorpion is ninja]), but still a badass motha fucka.

  4. the purple ninja in the upper left (next to sub-zero) is “Super Ninja” from the Chuck Norris animated series (Karate Kommandos).

    the green guy in the bottom left seems to be from He-Man, possibly “Jitsu”, but the colors don’t match up with the character in the cartoon series so I’m not sure… but definitely from the He-Man collection.

  5. Yeah, that’s probably Shredder in the top left corner (beside the black guy). Unless that’s who’s supposed to be Sub-Zero.

    I’m surprised no one noticed the Kawasaki Ninja underneath the fat guy.

  6. The pantless white lady is from a 80’s Ninja movie.. i forget the title. Shes a construction worker and this ninja gets killed by cops on a golf course and his spirit posseses her… she then proceeds to take reveng eon the cops after retrieving he hidden cache of ninja weapons from somewhere in the hollywood hills.

    The guy with the helmet in the lower right corner is Sho Kusagi from Revenge of the Ninja… another 80s classic and one of my faces as a kid.

    The old guy behind Snake Eyes is Lee Van Cleef… he had a series in the 80s… dont remember the name. It was sort of reminiscient of Kung Fu.

    Also Firefly and Sub-Zero/Scorpion were not ninjas.

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