The Ultimate Character Creation Guide for Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 character creator

Cyberpunk 2077 is, without a doubt, one of the hottest games on the market right now. Even though that “hotness” stems from the fact that it had a dumpster fire launch on consoles, the game is still incredibly popular! One of the most anticipated features of the game was the insanely customizable character creator. CD Projekt Red claimed that the Cyberpunk 2077 character creator would be so detailed that you would be able to customize your character down to even the length of your fingernails. You heard it right folks, you can customize the length of your character’s fingernails in Cyberpunk 2077! With just about everything but the kitchen sink available to customize your character to your heart’s desire, how will you decide to make your character? Hopefully this guide will get you well on your way to making the best character you possibly can in Cyberpunk 2077!

Body Type

Cyberpunk 2077 allows you to create your character using one of two body type options, a masculine and a feminine option. While this won’t affect how NPCs will interact with V, the voice tone you choose will!

Voice Tone

In Cyberpunk 2077, you are given the option between two different voice tones. Masculine or feminine. Choosing the masculine voice tone will have other characters refer to V with male pronouns such as he/him. Choosing the feminine voice tone option will have other characters refer to V with feminine pronouns such as she/hers.

Skin Tone

The Cyberpunk 2077 character creator allows players to choose from a staggering 12 different skin tones! These skin tones have a very inclusive range of colors, which is great for all players!

Skin Type

You can pick from 5 different skin types in Cyberpunk 2077. Skin type 1 looks to be just your basic skin type with nothing much going on, skin type 2 is more of a worn and older-looking skin type, skin type 3 looks like V just walked out of a Nightmare on Elm Street midnight premier, skin type 4 gives V a fairly smooth face, and finally skin type 5 slaps a whole bunch of makeup on V.


There’s a mind-blowing 39 hairstyles that you can choose from in-game! Great if you’re a hair-stylist or very picky about your character’s hair!

Hair Color

So, you’ve just picked hairstyle #28 and you’re wondering…what color do I want my hair? Well, you’ve got plenty of options! 24 of them to be exact! You can change the color of your hair to black or brown, red or green, there’s so many options!


Let’s talk eyes. TheĀ Cyberpunk 2077 character creator lets you pick from 21 different eyes with different shapes, spacing, and depth to give your V the expression that most closely resembles what you want!

Eye Color

To go along with the 21 individual eye styles in Cyberpunk 2077, you also have access to 18 eye colors as well as 21 unique patterns that you can equip onto your character. If you wanted to have a spider web on your eyeballs – go for it! A bullseye? Sure thing. Skull and bones? You’ve got 2 options for those! Apparently I missed these the first time around, because I’ve just got some normal eyeballs, I probably would have gone for the techno-eyes.


Sitting above your eyeballs, you have 9 options to choose from regarding eyebrows: 8 different styles with another option to turn eyebrows off. Please don’t turn your eyebrows off. Give V some eyebrows. It’s just common courtesy.

Eyebrow Color

You’ve still got some color choices with your brows, including black, tan, blue, brown, grey, green, pink, and red for a total of 8 eyebrow colors!


As with the eyes, you get 21 options for your super-smeller. Each nose has a different size and shape, so be sure to pick the one that you’ll feel comfortable with since you can’t change it later!


There are also 21 mouth options you can choose for V which don’t really change much except the shape of your lips, so this is probably one of the least important aspects of the Cyberpunk 2077 character creator.


The jaw options in Cyberpunk 2077 are pretty similar to each other, but with another 21 options to choose from it’s no surprise there’s not a huge difference between them all.


Lucky number 21 hits yet again as you’ve got 21 options to customize V’s ears in Cyberpunk 2077. You’ve got big ears, small ears, wide ears, and you get the gist. I’m honestly shocked they were able to get 21 choices.


If you’re looking for a game with options for facial hair (Destiny 2 beards when?) Cyberpunk 2077 has 12 options for beards (one being OFF), so you can customize your facial hair to your…face’s desire?

Beard Style

Along with the 12 beard options the game gives you, you also have access to 7 beard styles (one being OFF) which really just changes the length of your character’s facial hair.

Beard Color

There are a total of 24 beard colors that you can select for your character.


You have the option to add Cyberware to your character. In the Cyberpunk 2077 character creator, Cyberware is the cybernetic implants that you can see on your face. You have 9 different options for Cyberware (one being OFF).

Facial Scars

There are 9 different facial scar options you can select for your character (one being OFF) and range from full-face scars to smaller scars above the forehead.

Facial Tattoos

There are also 12 different options for facial tattoos (one being OFF) though most of them are pretty edgy, which makes sense given the Night City setting.


In Cyberpunk 2077, you have 17 different piercings available (one being OFF). These aren’t just ear piercings either, I’m talking full-face piercings. Nose, ears, mouth, eyes, everything.

Piercing Color

There are 6 colors you can choose for your piercings including blue-ish silver, gold, silver, rose gold, red, purple, and black!


When it comes to teeth, you have 5 colors to choose from; you have your basic white, silver, gold, rose gold, and a bright pink that just looks….wrong?

Eye Makeup

You can also add eye makeup with 9 different options (one being OFF).

Eye Makeup Color

If you decide to choose an eye makeup option, you will have the ability to choose from 9 different colors including black, blue, brown, green, purple, red, a lighter blue, white, and orange.

Lip Makeup

There are 7 options for lip makeup (one being OFF) you can select for V.

Lip Makeup Color

If you choose a lip makeup option, you will be able to customize it with 9 colors including black, blue, gold, green, pink, red, purple, silver, and a matte gold.

Cheek Makeup

You have 6 options when it comes to cheek makeup in Cyberpunk 2077 (one being OFF).

Cheek Makeup Color

If you decide to select a cheek makeup option, you will be able to select from 3 different colors including a brown-ish, light red, and a dark red.


If you want to add blemishes to your character, you have 4 options (one being OFF), these are just spots that are placed across your character’s face, so again, a smaller detail that won’t matter much in your play-through.

Blemish Color

Selecting a blemish option will open up access to 6 different colors, however, I should warn you that your skin tone may affect the visibility of most blemish colors.


In Cyberpunk 2077, you can even customize your fingernail length! You can either have short or long nails…that’s about it. Nothing too special.

Nail Color

You have quite a few color options when it comes to your nails, in fact, you have a staggering 37 nail color and pattern options!


You can turn your nipples on and off.

Body Tattoos

If you’re into tattoos, you have 6 different options for body tattoos (one being OFF). These are actually pretty detailed tattoos and some of them are really cool (there’s a cool snake that spans your arm to your chest!)

Body Scars

If you want to give your character body scars, you don’t have too many options as you are limited to 1, 2, or OFF. A little disappointing if you were looking to give V your own backstory and body-scar origin.


Finally we reach the part that many players were looking forward to in Cyberpunk 2077: Genital customization. Yes, you can fully customize your genitals. I won’t go into too many details here, but there are 4 options (one being OFF) and you can select a size and hair style if you decide to turn it on.

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