Japan Remakes Street Fighter IV With Uh…You’ll See

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This isn’t the first time I’ve seen Fast Food characters in a fighting game, but this art project goes far, far beyond that. Artist Kei-Suwabe has taken a host of popular characters from western and Japanese pop culture, and rendered them all in the style of Street Fighter 4. Yes, that includes a few fast food mascots, but folks like Waldo, Bob Ross and Hello  Kitty also make appearances.

I can’t claim to know about 80% of these, but it’s certainly a worthwhile gallery to browse through as you’ll pick out a few icons you recognize. I really would like to play such a title, but I can’t see McDonald’s letting their clown be portrayed as even more creepy than he already is.

Check out the giant gallery below. 1,000 internet points if you can name them all.

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  1. @mattchi:

    a. its a wink towards disney’s copyright practice and there fight for keeping mickey getting into public domain so not to lose the mickey mouse license.

  2. @mattchi

    B. They’re anime characters for the same reason the other characters are there. Anime = just plain, simple TV shows for Japan, so an anime character is the same as us seeing Bob Ross there.

  3. Ok lets see, Samurai Pizza cat? Hello kitty, Definately a Kewpee doll, Hamburglar and ronald McDonald, Buff pedobear?, Colonel Sanders, Flashing redlight special guy?. Elmo?, Guitar hero guy, Bob Ross, M***ey M***e, Michalin man, Definately Golgo 13, Fail Gundam Cosplayer, Waldo, and last guy cant think of his name (Yeah i cant even name them all some might be before my time)

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