How to Find the Sweet Business Catalyst in Destiny 2

Sweet Business Catalyst in Destiny 2

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep features a wide array of powerful weapons for gamers to choose from for any type of game activity. Whether it’s completing PvE activities in Strikes, throwing down PvP action in The Crucible, or quite a bit of both in Gambit, there is certainly a weapon for every type of player and any particular purpose. One of Destiny 2’s most powerful weapons is the Sweet Business Catalyst, which is featured among the Exotic Class weapons that come with additional abilities and fixed perks. Sweet Business can be a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands in Destiny 2. Although it takes some time to spin it up and start firing, it goes full auto blast at its peak and completely shreds off enemies. In PvP action, this weapon can eliminate anyone unlucky enough to stand in its way. Thanks to the inclusion of the Catalyst, the Sweet Business gun is now more manageable. For those players who are interested in tracking down this weapon, here is everything you will know about the Sweet Business Catalyst and how to unlock it.

What is Sweet Business in Destiny 2?

The Sweet Business is an Exotic Auto Rifle in Destiny 2 that was introduced in the Red War campaign. It was also the very first chain-rifle-style weapon in the history of the Destiny world. Sweet Business is an ideal polygonal rifling weapon in close-to-mid-range, particularly when equipped with the Automatic Rifle Ammo Finder mode. Additionally, this weapon is more accurate when firing from the hip and quickly reloads ammunition when a primary ammo is picked. Below are some of the common perks available on the Sweet Business in Destiny 2:

  • Dual-purpose stock: This weapon has a versatile composite stock that slightly increases its handling speed and stability.
  • Armor-Piercing Rounds. These rounds can cause extra damage to enemies’ armors and easily tear through their targets constantly.
  • Polygonal Rifling: The weapon’s barrel is optimized for quick coil reduction when firing and helps increase the overall stability.
  • Business Time: This helps boost the rate and range of ammo.
  • Payday: Has a larger magazine, automatically reloads the weapon, and increases the accuracy when fired from the hip. It works best when used with Auto Rifle Ammo perks such as Auto Rifle Ammo Scavenger and Auto Rifle Ammo Finder.

How to Unlock the Rifle for Sweet Business Catalyst in Destiny 2

Sweet Business is one of the powerful automatic rifles in Destiny 2 that can be unlocked through the exotic engram random drops. Since these exotic engrams are random, it can be difficult to unlock the Sweet Business rifle. Nonetheless, below are some of the ways you try to unlock the Sweet Business Rifle: The most certain way of unlocking the Sweet Business rifle is through the season pass, where you can use a paid or free seasons pass as they both offer several rifles as rewards. You can also get this rifle from the exotic engrams that are on sale every week. You can unlock the rifle by playing different end-game activities such as Nightfall: The Ordeals. You should remember that the higher the level of difficulty, the more chances you have of unlocking the rifle. Once you unlock the Sweet Business rifle, the next step is to get the Catalyst, which includes various improvements to the weapon, such as improving firing accuracy and increasing the rate of damage caused. It is also a part of the random exotic engrams.

How to Unlock the Catalyst for the Sweet Business

Completing the Catalyst for the Sweet Business weapon is quite difficult. This is because there are limited activities in Destiny 2 that allow gamers to kill four or more enemies for a multi-kill. However, by completing the Altars of Sorrow activity on the Moon, you will be able to unlock the Catalyst. The Altars of Sorrow activity involves players defeating a designated number of Nightmare attackers per tier, all the way up to the last Tier VI. The Nightmare attackers will be trying to perform a certain ritual that involves sacrificing themselves into one of the altars, and your duty as a player is to stop this ritual from happening. Also, in the Altars of Sorrow activity, there are endless waves of weak Destiny 2’s redbars that are easily defeated with the Sweet Business weapon. The event to unlock the Catalyst is time-based, and the completion time can be increased by 1-second for every weak redbar killed. The time allowed for the mission can also be restarted if you fail to complete the objective. The most effective strategy for completing this mission is by targeting the lower-level redbars and killing them as they continuously spawn in. Each time the player achieves the multi-kill threshold for the Catalyst, the counter for unlocking the Catalyst increases as shown below:

  • Four rapid multi-kills in one attempt will earn you one level of completion.
  • Five rapid multi-kills in one attempt will earn you two levels of completion.
  • Six rapid multi-kills in one attempt will provide three grand levels of completion, etc.

What does Sweet Business Catalyst do?

The Sweet Business Catalyst comes with a distinctive advantage known as Serious Business, which allows you to accomplish the following:

  • Allows you to hold your aim to ensure that more shots hit the target and increase the firing accuracy.
  • Enhances the weapon’s firing speed resulting in more damage and minimal recoil time.
  • It effectively alleviates the main downsides of the weapon.
  • Increases overall weapon stability, allowing you to maneuver from enemy attacks quickly.

Upgrading The Sweet Business Catalyst

Since you have already unlocked the Sweet Business Catalyst, you will want to upgrade it to improve the weapon’s overall performance. To upgrade the Sweet Business Catalyst, you will need to defeat 250 groups of four enemies. Moreover, the bare minimum number of kills is around 1,000 enemies.

Bottom Line

The Altar of Sorrows is the best activity you can try to unlock the Sweet Business catalyst in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. You can also repeat this activity as many times as possible without necessarily worrying about the time allowed. Once you complete this activity, you will get the Catalyst in less than an hour. Get started in the game today and enjoy the amazing features of the Sweet Business Catalyst.

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