What Do You Do With a Small Gift in Destiny 2: Foresaken?

Cayde-6 is dead, and you’re no coward, so you’re on your quest for vengeance, or justice, whichever suits you best. Either way, there are more than a few obstacles in your way, and plenty of cool swag to pick up along your route. To honor your fallen comrade and protect your city, you’re going to have to take on some big bad Barrons (among others). That can seem like the easy part when you start running into strange relics and even stranger gear. At some point, you’re probably going to pick up “A Small Gift.” Your instinct might be to dismantle it but slow your roll there. You probably don’t want to do that. What do you do with a Small Gift in Destiny 2: Forsaken? We’ll tell you the strange truth about this seemingly random piece of inventory.

Gift of the Dreaming City

You won’t run into this odd bit of swag right away in the expansion. Your hunt for Prince Uldren Sov. Uldren is going to take you places both familiar and strange, but these gifts are something you can only acquire by wandering around the Dreaming City. The Darkness has corrupted the prince in his quest to find his sister. His Barrons are running amok, and to reach him, you’ll have to seek out the Dreaming City and spend a good bit of time there. It’s designed as an endgame area, so don’t rush, but once there, you’ll find plenty to marvel at. One of the stranger things you might encounter has to do with A Small Gift. We won’t spoiler too much for you, but it helps if you genuinely explore at every inch of your surroundings.

You can only get the Small Gift by chance. Moreover, you can have more than one at a time, and you can certainly use more than one or two of them. In fact, you’ll need nine. You’ll pick them up randomly in loot crates, and as you complete various tasks. Don’t pass them by. Instead, hold on to them, and you’ll soon discover that they’re useful after all. You’re going to give these small gifts at specific locations in trade for gear.

“Smells Faintly of Mint”

Did you know that Catnip is in the mint family? The description for A Small Gift, “Smells faintly of mint,” isn’t going to help you much on your quest to find out why you keep getting them. Or is it? It may surprise you to learn that that seemingly innocuous description is indeed a clue that can put you on the path to solving this riddle and help you get some cool stuff while you’re at it. Sadly, Unless you happen to put two and two together (or read this article) and connect that mint smell with another of the many oddities of the Dreaming City, it seems pretty unhelpful.

We are, of course, referring to those strange little cat statues. They’re hidden throughout the Dreaming City, and you’re bound to stumble on one by chance, if nothing else. Yes, the catnip is for the cat statues. Don’t worry. It won’t hurt them. In fact, catnip doesn’t hurt normal cats either. The Nepetalactone present in Nepeta cataria and other Nepeta species (aka catnip) acts a bit like a stimulant or pheromone on about 70-80% of all cats over the age of about six months old. In short, it excites them.

Similarly, when you give A Small Gift of the nip to a magical cat statue, it activates them, which provides you with a boon. You’ll receive Legendary weapons or armor (https://gamerant.com/destiny-2-small-gift-cat/) that’s below your current level. Nonetheless, that’s worth a whole lot more than dismantling A Small Gift. Once you’ve treated the mysterious bit of sculpture, and gotten your prize in return, it will disappear.

Here Kitty Kitty

There are only nine cat statues as far as we know. If you’re not carrying A Small Gift, then there’s nothing you can do with or to them that’s of any real use to you. Here are the locations for the statues.

1- Near the Fast Travel Point in the Divalian Mists

Head straight from the fast travel point to the edge of the cliff. You’ll pass a blue crystal cave on your left. When you look over the side, you can see a series of ledges. Use these to reach a cave with a cat statue inside and give the kitty some nip.

2 & 3- The Oracle Temple

There’s a cat statue by a window at the top of the Oracle Temple. Again, you need to use a series of ledges to reach it, but this time you’ll be jumping upward to get there. For the third cat, you’ll need to pass through that cave with the blue crystal and head to the first arena. Take the path on the lefthand side that leads upward and keep at it until you find a blue crystal wall with a gap in it. Hop through and down to locate the cat.

4- Climb Every Mountain

To find the fourth cat statue, you’re going to have to climb a mountain on the way to Rheasilvia from the fast travel point. Making the pilgrimage to the figure of a blue woman will also find the cat, which rests at her feet. There’s a great video tutorial on Shack News that will show you the exact path to take. They also have a map showing the approximate locations of the cat statues and other tips and vids on how to get there if you need more help.

5- Hiding in a Tree Outside Rheasilvia’s Main Building

This one is quick and easy to find. Take the path on the left before the bridge. Then head to the trees and jump down onto the branch that juts out over the crevasse.

6 & 7- The Cats Harbinger’s Seclude

Head to the back of Rheasilva and locate the Harbinger’s Seclude. Pass through the main room and the go past the big statue. Head to the next room and hang a right, pass through a hallway to another room with a tree. The sixth cat is in this tree. If you head back to the hall and instead head to the underground cavern, you’ll find another cat on the edge of a building’s roof to your right.

8 & 9- Cats in The Strand and Gardens of Esila

In the Strand, but before you reach the Gardens, there’s a lookout point. You need to climb the cliff there to find another cat at the foot of a tree. Climb down and head into the Gardens staying to your left. When you see two rocky mini-cliffs jutting upward, climb the one with the tree where you’ll locate the last cat.

Final Thoughts

Now you know the secret of the ‘nip. Cats go crazy for the stuff, and magical cat statues will give you a treat in return if you bring them some. It seems a small price to pay to climb a few cliffs and trade something you got for free while going about your regular business anyhow. Have you found any of the cats yet? Let us know in the comments below.

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