Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Water Temple Boss Guide

When it comes to Legend of Zelda: Tear of the Kingdom, there is no shortage of creativity in the bosses found at the end of temples. They all share the same design traits, which is that they’re all centered around natural elements. When it comes to the Water Temple, this boss can be an odd encounter. The Mucktorok is a globous creature that is more than what meets the eye. Link will have a hard time keeping up with this anthropomorphic squid since it can be rather nimble. Just like with all the other bosses in this game, the Mucktorok has two phases in this battle. In this case, the strategy involved with both phases is fundamentally the same. The trick is that Link must have a hefty supply of resources to keep up with this boss. Because, if players aren’t prepared, this fight can linger on for some time.

Each phase is distinctly different from one another in Tears of the Kingdom. Therefore, Link is going to need to stock up on a variety of resources to help abolish this monster. Fighting any boss that’s associated with a water level can be tricky. Things are no different in the Legend of Zelda franchise. It is hard to imagine what kind of boss you will face regarding this element. However, when it comes to Tears of the Kingdom, this Water Temple boss is kind of surprising when first seen. The Mucktorok can be a difficult enemy unless players take time to prepare. Players will need to stock up on a bunch of arrows and a variety of meals and elixirs in order to have a fighting chance against the Mucktorok.

Just like in the Fire Temple in Tears of the Kingdom, Link will have a companion with him. It will be Prince Sidon of the Zora people. It’s a good thing, too. Because Link will be needing him throughout this drawn-out fight. Cooking such meals as; Mighty Meat and Mushroom Skewer, Energizing Steamed Fruit, Buttered Stambulb, Honey Candy, Hasty Elixir, and Fairy Tonic will all help with, speed, stamina, and HP. Generally, the most important thing to keep juiced up will be Link’s speed. So, be sure to have a healthy supply of Hasty Elixirs handy. Also, you will also be needing a good supply of ChuChu Jelly. Using it with Link’s arrows can really give the Mucktorok a run for its money.

Fighting The Mucktorok

When Link and Sidon first come across this boss in Tears of the Kingdom, it will morph into a shark-like creature. It will attack them with a variety of chomping and slamming attacks. Thus, it will swim around within a black ooze that it generates out of its own free will. It is best to avoid it and try to hit it with arrows with ChuChu Jelly on them or other projectiles from afar. Shoot for its dorsal fin. It’s the easiest target to hit. Your best bet is leaping into the air, slow-down time by aiming and firing. If you manage to get close, be sure to have Sidon’s Shield activated. It can send a shockwave that will knock the Mucktorok out of its ‘shark-like state.’ After you do this a few times, the Mucktorok will transform into its true form and run around. Simply chase it down and whack it with any melee weapon you have. This will also be a good time to use the Hasty Elixir so Link can close in on him swiftly.

Second Half Of The Fight

After doing this strategy two or three times, the Mucktorok will dive into the center of the arena and spew sludge all over the place. So, naturally, trudging through it will slow Link down. So, try and jump around it, if possible. Plus, use the glider to gain some distance, if necessary. The Mucktorok will keep spitting black sludge all over the arena throughout the remainder of the fight. So, use Sidon’s water shield and shockwave ability to wash some of it away. It will make things easier as far as getting around. Thus, it can still be used to do some damage to the boss. Alternatively, shooting the dorsal fin with ChuChu jelly-laced arrows is still effective in this phase, as well.

If Link manages to hit the shark, it will transform into its normal squid-like state and leap across the arena for safety. If possible, pull out the bow and sling some arrows while the Mucktorok is airborne. This will chip away at his life and will slowly allow Link to have the upper hand. Of course, once the Mucktorok manages to dive into the murk, he will transform into the shark again and will begin patrolling the area. Simply repeat the pattern of slinging arrows at it until it pops and begins running around the arena again. To speed up the process, try and have Sidon exchange blows with his trident along with Link while the Mucktorok is in its natural form. When Link and Sidon are both attacking the Mucktorok, his life bar will deplete pretty quickly. So, try and stay close to Sidon during this fight, so he can help you out when it’s time to get ‘up close and personal.’ Eventually, the boss will be vanquished and Link will score a new heart container.


After the Water Temple boss is defeated in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Sidon will become the new Zora King. Thus, Link will also have Vod of Sidon ability, which will allow him to summon the water shield whenever needed. This will certainly be needed in future areas of the map that have fire-based damage, for instance. The Water Temple boss is a tedious battle, but the rewards can really give Link a boost on his quest. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is now available for Nintendo Switch.

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