Unreality Reader Cosplay Week Concludes with Lana Marie

Unreality reader cosplay week has been a rousing success, and we’ve seen some really damn cool costumes over the last few days. It’s Friday, so I thought I’d temporarily conclude the series with a rather excellent installment.

We’re going all-pro today with Lana here, and you can tell she’s legit by how many stamps she has on her photos so people like me don’t steal them. But we’re BFFs now and she’s allowed me to post some of her well-done costumes on the site.

She’s got a big range from Chun-Li to Mileena to Catwoman to Lady Deathstrike to Elektra to Zombie Elektra. Yeah, that last one confused me as well. Check out all her photos below, and check out her Facebook page here.

Feel free to keep sending me your own costumes (paul@unrealitymag.com) and I’ll  use them at a later date.




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  1. She definitely has the caboose and hips and to make a convincing Chun-Li. I wonder if she has a sister with low standards in men that I can hook up with.

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