Why We Won’t See an Xbox Smash Bros.

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I’m still skeptical whether or not Playstation All Stars will turn out to be a good game or not, but the fact remains that it’s the very least a good idea. Nintendo doesn’t own the copyright on a all-star fighting games, and as such I think it’s great PS is coming out with their own version. I’ve wondered for years why no one has tried to emulate Smash Bros. formula.

But not all consoles can pull this off. If you tried this with Microsoft? You wouldn’t exactly have the means to fill an entire roster. Haqua imagined what their version might look like, and it’s a whole lot of Spartans.

Yes, yes, I know you can jam in Marcus Fenix and the lead from Fable (as paid DLC of course), but really, what other Xbox-exclusive ¬†heroes are there to fill the rest of the empty slots? Even if Sony and Nintendo do have third party characters in their games, there are definitely a whole host of their own creations as the main characters. Xbox simply can’t compete on that level, and I say that as a long time fan.

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  1. The guy from Bastion?

    Super Meat boy?

    The guy from the Witcher?…..that’s on pc too tho….


    The pinatas from that viva pinata game.

    Characters that died in Mass Effect 1…

    I’m spent.

    Maybe they should just make a shooter with all their shooter characters.

  2. yeah i can’t name any Xbox exclusives other than Halo and Gears that i’ve ever really cared about, and that includes both the original and 360 consoles. everything else that i tried to come up with was also out for at least PC if not other systems. and while i definitely think the 360 is my favorite of the current generation of consoles (hated the original…it was an overpriced Halo 1 & 2 box to me, nothing more), they really don’t have much that i couldn’t play elsewhere. what keeps us coming back then? Xbox Live?

  3. Let us not forget that Nintendo predates the notion of “multi-platform” by a good long while. They created exclusive characters and franchises because they had no choice. They were just about the only game in town. Nobody was going to do it for them. Modern gaming focuses on third party development and as a result new exclusives are hard to come by. Also, I have zero interest in a non-Nintendo Smash Brothers. It works for them because their characters are cartoony and the people who play that crap anymore are casuals to the core looking for party games. Even if Microsoft could scrape together a game where you could play Bastila(KOTOR) versus Master Chief vs Marcus Fenix vs Saren (from the original exclusive Mass Effect), I probably wouldn’t play it because who gives a shit. Would the combat be better than any of those games by themselves? No? Then why bother? If I want a fighting game, I’ll play MvC or DOA or SF or MK or any of the other legit fighting games. I could care less about some crummy cobbled-together party fighter with skins that resemble characters from different games. Why do people feel the need to discuss bad ideas?

  4. Let’s see . . .

    Steve (Minecraft)
    Master Chief
    Marcus Fenix
    Umm . . . wasn’t the Orange Box only on Xbox and PC? maybe not
    Big Daddy? (used to be Xbox exclusive)
    Blue Dragon
    Viva Pinata (hahahahaha that would be fun to fight as)
    Alan Wake, I think?

    Yeah, maybe that would be a little mixed. But if Valve hopped on with it, it would be awesome!

  5. Here is a possible roster based off first party characters
    Steve- Minecraft
    Agent- Crackdown
    Kaim- Lost Oddysey
    The Kid- Bastion
    Super Meat Boy- Super Meat Boy
    Banjo and Kazooie- Banjo Kazooie
    Master Chief- Halo
    Marcus Fenix- Gears of War
    Hero- Fable 3
    Blinx- Blinx the Time Sweeper
    Splosion Man- Splosion Man
    Ms. Splosion Man- Splosion Man
    Captain Smiley- Comic Jumper
    Ilo and Milo- Ilomilo
    Jack of Blades- Fable
    Frank and the Maw- The Maw
    Battletoads- Battletoads
    Conker- Conker
    Joanna Dark- Perfect Dark
    Kameo- Kameo: Elements of Power
    Burger King- Burger King
    Fulgore- Killer Instinct
    Alan Wake- Alan Wake
    Toy Soldier- Toy Soldiers
    The Arbiter- Halo
    Jason Fleming- Shadow Complex

  6. also microsoft would probably charge you to use the online features even if you own a gold account. Sony and Nintendo are both better companies for consumers. Also halo sucks. lol

  7. @ Caleb you obviously do not know the meaning of firstparty xD
    Minecraft for example is nowhere near first party
    same goes for battle toads even if it’s owned by a first party company right now.

    also nintendo and sony have only a few third party characters , except for brawl which goes ALL the way XD
    and even then almost no characters are on other consoles/pc

    with XboX there would be almost none left

    for example

    Halo – PC
    Gears of War – PC
    Fable – PC
    super meat boy PC (it’s so far away it even came out on mac and linux)
    same for bastion
    alan wake PC
    perfect dark N64
    Banjo Kazooie N64

    it goes on like this for many more

    but those you could use are
    and maybe some more
    but one thing that interests me is how did you get to killer instinct it’s an old snes and I believe n64 game.

  8. Kabooz are you stupid? All of those titles the console right are owned by Microsoft and the games are all published by them as well and they have the legal rights to use those characters in other games on their console. And Battletoads, Banjo Kazooie, Perfect Dark, and Killer Instinct are all owned by Rareware which is now a Microsoft First Party and they own all of the rights to those games and characters. Don’t even think of trying to start an argument about this because I will definitely win.

  9. I would like to point out that you also get Commander Shepard….be it if it is only Male Shep. Darth Revan for Kotor,or anyone from Kotor. Jade Empire.Even PC only games would count b/c it is Microsoft.

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