Kingdom Hearts 3: DLC. Everything We Know

The long and tiring wait for the new Kingdom Hearts game is finally over as Square Enix has officially set the release date for the game. The game’s official trailer was released in September this year leaving many to speculate that the new game might be the ending. They’d all been anticipating for the game’s main character Sora. For most Kingdom Hearts fans, the game is quite easy but for a beginner, the game may prove to be a bit confusing as the story is a development that occurs through various other games that came before it.

So what exactly is Kingdom Hearts 3: DLC?

KH3 is an action game that was developed by Square Enix for Xbox One and Playstation 4. The game is an installment of the Kingdom Hearts franchise and if you had been wondering what the fate of the protagonist Sora is then the KH3: DLC will answer your questions. According to Game Spot, the game follows the protagonist’s search for Kairi, which eventually leads him, Sora, to the Keyblade Graveyard. Some characters from Final Fantasy such as Aerith, Leone, and Yuffie will return in this game to aid Aqua and other members of the gang in hunting for Sora. Here is everything we know so far about Kingdom Hearts 3: DLC

1. Photo mode

Most players regard photo mode as a silly playful mode where they get to pose with any character – even the enemy. Players will also get the chance to add other major graphics of their choice including Dream Eaters or Dusk in order for them to personalize their photos. One fan noted that you can use the scenes from other previous games in the photos. The photos are made in high definition which brings out their beauty just as they were originally intended to be by the game’s developers.

2. Slideshow mode

In this mode, players can combine all the photos that they’ve taken or collected and add various effects such as the swiping effect to create a slideshow. The slideshow mode also allows players to add music to their slideshows adding to the oomph. With regards as to whether these pictures can be shared on social media with friends or other gamers is still unclear. Nevertheless, it is a great addition to the game’s style.

3. Difficulty control

The exciting addition to this game has to be the difficulty control mode. There are 2 levels of difficulty depending on the player’s capability to play the game, the Fast Pass and the Black Code mode. The Fast Pass mode gives the players a one-shot chance at their enemies. This mode will allow players to collect various spells and attractions. According to Game Rant, this level is the easiest for players with less experience as it helps to move the storyline a lot more quickly. Black Code mode is set to be the hardest level in the new KH3. This mode allows players to change the difficulty for them to test their gaming skills. The mode even lets them limit their HP to as low as 1 HP if they want to prove something.

4. Boss battles

During an interview, KH3’s director Tetsuya Nomura confirmed that the developers of the game needed that Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC have the number of battles be more than there were in Kingdom Hearts 2. This means that there will be 13 boss battles or even more

5. Familiar blades

The developers of the game chose to stick by the already present blades and swords including the very famous Oblivion and Keyblades Oathkeeper. The Oathkeeper, which appears in almost all of the Kingdom Hearts games and their spin-offs, was formed when Sora uses the Wayfinder charm that belonged to Kairi. Oblivion was formed when Sora fights against Riku and defeats him in Kingdom Hearts 2 and it also makes appearances in almost all the games. Most of these swords usually have to be unlocked as a player progresses in every stage or level.

6. Final Fantasy characters make a return in Re: Mind

The absence of the Final Fantasy characters in KH3 was very noticeable and the developers received tremendous backlash for it. However, with the new KH3: DLC, the gamers will witness the return of Final Fantasy 7 and 8 characters such as Yuffie, Aerith, and Squall who is also called Leone in the Kingdom Hearts universe. These characters make their return to aid Riku and the rest of his gang to pursue Sora.

7. Additional story content

Fans were left hanging when the KH3 ended in regards to Sora’s story. The new KH3: DLC provides a full storyline on the fate of Sora and Kairi and their destinies. In this game, Sora finds the Keyblade Graveyard while in search for Kairi right before the final battle takes place.

8. Playable characters

The game will see Kairi becoming a playable character for the first time ever in the Kingdom Hearts universe. Roxas’ movement seems to also have been updated since his last appearance and one of his new skill sets seems to be his ability to travel through floor-in-line patterns.

9. Familiar characters

There might be some various new additions to the Kingdom Hearts 3: DLC but the characters seem to have been reprised. The trailer begins with Axel fighting in what appears to be a cut-scene that was extended to enable players to fully understand the complex DLC storyline. Xigbar and Sora continue with their fight from KH2 and KH2.5.


The KH3: DLC might seem like the beginning to an end in Sora’s story but for many fans, it is an exploration and provides answers to the many questions they’ve all had while playing the previous Kingdom Hearts spin-offs, prequels, and games. The game leaves nothing to chance as it ensures that its players are equipped with full combat to defeat the various evils. Ranging from its fantastic visuals to its complex yet defined storyline, Kingdom Hearts 3 provides an enjoyable gaming experience for any gamer.

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