The Tomorrow Children is Coming Back Later This Year

The Tomorrow Children was recently obtained by Q-Games as their next IP in 2021. It was originally released back in 2016 only to be shut down in 2017 for corporate reasons by Sony. In any case, it’s coming back and it will be built from the ground up to be a whole new experience, especially for the uninitiated. This game is a wild mix of different genres that are thrown into one pot. The story focuses on the rebuilding of civilization by recollecting the DNA of “projection clones” to help restore humanity to from it once was. An event that is known as “the void” erased the world and there’s nothing but a white field of oblivion stretching into the horizon. Accompanied by this strange situation is the Izverg. They are beasts who roam the wilderness and are conjured up by fear, doubt, nightmares, and negative energy. The name of the game is to restructure the world and bring mankind up to speed before everyone disappears.

Even though The Tomorrow Children wasn’t a smash hit or anything, this game garnered a passionate fanbase with the only year it had online. Due to its cult following, gamers have been aching to jump back into this title. Even though its initial release five years ago was a free-to-play product, it’s currently unknown if that’s still going to be the case with its re-release. Most likely, it will be. However, since this game is being revitalized with next-gen technology, it is hard to say which direction this will go. Whatever the case, millions of players gave this title a shot back when it was first released and almost every player clocked in hundreds of hours. Hence, there is an interesting game here that slipped under the radar for many, and maybe this new release will shoot this IP even higher up in the gaming stratosphere.

Welcome to the Void

Due to The Tomorrow Children’s five-year absence, the gaming industry has changed a lot since then. This game was ahead of its time because, with today’s current list of genres, this would be considered a crafting survival game. While this game was offline, there has been a slew of other titles that follow the basic path that it was walking. Titles like Grounded, Nightingale, and Dystopia come to mind. With this particular game, the fans were very vocal about its return and the original developers managed to strike a deal with Sony. Critical reviews were pretty mixed with The Tomorrow Children, but there are gamers out there that can’t get enough of it. It’s also worth pointing out that the developers are tuning up their title and making much-needed changes.

The process of gaining resources can be a little tedious. Especially, when waiting around for the bus to shuttle players to the required mineral-rich islands. There can be a list of little mendacity activities that could be a drag for some gamers out there. Of course, every gamer is different and some rather enjoy the practicality this title has. The Void surrounds the towns that players are trying to rebuild and there is no way they can traverse it on foot. The only way to get to the islands is to ride the bus, which by the way, only arrives on a set schedule. It can’t be summoned or even piloted. The design of the islands ranges from basic to weird and random. Everything from giant desserts, cloud castles, titanic teeth, shoes, teddy bears, and floating sushi. The islands change per the size of the city, each offering unique resources which correspond to how the city is shaping up.

Absurdity Abound

The islands aren’t barren, either. Enemies are scrambling around like spiders and fat, flying mosquitoes. The island sizes can be immense and it’s easy to get lost platforming through them and digging around. Luckily, some weapons can be obtained to take out enemies ranging from tanks, and rocket launchers to even shotguns. Gearing up will be needed because there will also be the Izverg attacking the city that players are building, and they can be the size of Godzilla in some cases. The unique sense of co-op is what made this game reach cult status. Much like the Dark Souls games, other players can be seen, but not interacted with. Teaming up to solve puzzles, stock up on supplies and even save the town from devastation is what makes this game so special for many gamers out there. There can be a lot to digest during the first playthrough, but once everything is figured out, there is quite the adventure afoot.

Even though the game may seem dated in comparison to other crafting survival games out there, rest assured it will be updated for current consoles. There may be some nit-picky things that gamers didn’t like in the past that could be getting a patch. This game isn’t rebuilt from the ground up, by any means. It will essentially be the same game as it always was, but only better. The developers are keeping fans updated on what is going on and more excitement is starting to spark across the industry. Even for some players out there who totally missed this IP, maybe now will be the best time to jump into The Void and see what it has to offer. The Tomorrow Children is definitely a peculiar game, but its addicting co-op gameplay is what sets it apart from its kind.

Tomorrow is Coming

The announcement for the resurrection of The Tomorrow Children caught many by surprise. Needless to say, there is a niche group of gamers out there who are stoked about this. Hoping, Sony will leave it alone and unplug it after just one year, again. Currently, this game is scheduled to be released for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 later this year. However, the developers are keen to release this game to other platforms, if that is possible. Only time will tell. Expect The Tomorrow Children the be released for the PlayStation on September 6th.

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