Assassin’s Creed: China from Chaoyuan Xu

Since it’s becoming apparent they’re never going to stop making Assassin’s Creed games, we now must speculate on where it is the next title might take place. Well, at least after they make one or two spin-offs using all the same crap they did from AC3 the way they did with AC2.

Japan has long been suggested as a possible location, as ninjas and samurai are right up assassination alley, but what about China? The Chinese were pretty badass warriors in their heyday too, and there are a million historical lords and emperors to kill.

Artist Chaoyuan Xu has gone above and beyond the call of duty in rendering what such a game might look like. While some artists might paint one picture of such a game, he’s done an entire gallery that might as well be a resume for Ubisoft. Seriously, they need to hire this guy.

Check out the full gallery below, you won’t be disappointed.

Middle click to open each picture quickly in a new tab.

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