A Fascinating Short Film About an Augmented Reality Future


I skipped seeing Total Recall this weekend, and I have a hunch that this seven minute short is better than all two full hours of that film. It too is about the future, but it’s a fascinating look at a piece of plausible technology that we’re already starting to see.

We have augmented reality apps, and Google is making “Google Glasses” that can have pop up windows in front of your face. But where does that technology end? In this short film, Sight, we get a look at a future where almost nothing is real, and everything is a video game.  It’s a little like Deus Ex, from overlaid displays to actual real-time analysis of other people.  It’s one of the best shorts I’ve seen in years, and it makes me both excited and and a little bit frightened for the future.

It’s funny at first, but be sure to stick around for the ending.

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  1. I can see it now…droves of teen girls walking into oncoming traffic like lemmings. Somehow I knew when she asked him does he know what she’s thinking…hacking would be involved.

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