A Better Attempt at Tali’Zorah

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It was a bit annoying that when (spoilers) Tali was finally revealed in Mass Effect 3, she was just a human with white eyes and weird electronic circuits glued to her. Even more disappointing was when we learned that the picture was about five minutes of photoshop on a stock photo.

But what if Bioware had actually taken the time they should have with Tali’s big reveal? Artist Calisto Lynn decided to come up with her own verison of what Tali might look like under the helmet, and yeah, that’s MUCH better.

She should have still been extraterrestrial looking, as what we got was almost TOO human. Something like this is a really good balance, and it makes me sad when fans are handling Bioware’s series better than they are.

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  1. If George Lucas can fuck up Star Wars more with each reissue, I don’t see why Bioware can’t patch legitimate mistakes in the existing game. I’m going to go ahead and mentally picture Tali like this from now on.

  2. I only had her remove her mask on the home world but I poked my head over to the Pic the worst part of the Photoshop is that her fingers in the game are like Ninja turtle fingers the rest works,at least works okay.

  3. BioWare announces new DLC: Tali’s REAL face! NOTE: “Tali’s REAL face”(tm) DLC only available to Collector’s edition license owners. “Tali’s REAL face” ™ DLC does not change any in-game 3D models. Buy now for $10 USD/EUR! (“Tali’s REAL face” ™ DLC also available to normal edition license owners for $20 USD/EUR)

  4. Great remake (or just ‘make’ all things considered)? Yes! Better in principal? Yes. Looks a little too Asari to me. I personally didn’t care how Tali turned out. No part of me want to romance someone with two fingers and two toes, regardless of how she looks otherwise (too human or not). It always annoyed me how every other species in the galaxy except asari evolved with only two fingers. And the asari tentacles heads speak for themselves. Eesh, I sound all pro-human.

  5. Question…never played these games. Is it worth it to go back from the very beginning or can I just start at ME3 and still have a clue what is going on. Also, for the PC, can you use a controller on the games? I know…I know…people always give me shit for preferring a controller over a keyboard and mouse (though in my defense, my hands are messed up from the military and its just easier to use a controller).

  6. @Diablo

    You could probably pick up ME3 and play and get an okay experience, but the real emotional punches come from having experienced the story as a whole. It’s definitely worth picking up ME1 and 2 and seeing the story from front to end.

    I don’t know for sure on the controller for PC. I’ve always just played the series on the Xbox…

  7. Thanls Velovan. If it ever shows up on Steam cheap, and once I am done with college (ONE MORE SEMESTER WHOOO!!!) than I will pick them up and start from scratch.

    The controller thing just annoys the crap out of me because sometimes its a pain to find out one way or another. It sucks trying to get into a game and having to stop every twenty minutes when my hands go numb. For whatever reason, my endurance is a lot better with an x-box controller than trying to use a key board.

  8. I really like this reimaging of her. She’s exotic, but still pretty, which is really what I think the developers had in mind when they made her. And she’s not as human-looking either, which is more believable because she’s supposed to “dextro-DNA” like the turians.


    I’d at least recommend the 2nd one if you don’t have time for both.

  9. This does make more sense. I’ve tried to imagine what she really looks like based on her body shape and what things it had in common with other life-forms (apart from primates) and that’s sort of what I imagined (imagination not photographic).

  10. @Kandice

    Actually, from the pointy-ness of the lower-half of the face, those horn things coming out of the top of her head, and the way the area under her hair goes under those flattened horns to make it look like she has a plate on her face, there are faint similarities to a turian’s face. Maybe it was a coincidence, but I’d like to think those design choices were deliberate with the “dextro-DNA” in mind.

  11. Just got curious of how she would look like , and I think this will satisfy my curiosity for now. 🙂 Lets hope Bioware uses this concept, INDEED!

  12. Incredible work, well done. Its not the tali I have imagined but hell, I would accept this as the quarian model a thousand times before their elementary Photoshop work. I can’t believe they would never truely make a real quarian model after waiting to see for years.

  13. its looks liek seafish and its ugly… Javik say a Quarians was most beautifull race in galaxy. Also there is mentioned a quarians are most human-like aliens. this one looks more asari then human

    1. Well, given she has 3 fingers and weird leg morphology, “human-like” means “humanoid”, and the canvas is broad. That being established Asari are also “human-like”, even much more than Quarians having 3 fringers and legs that are out of alignment. Javik said Qurians were the most beautiful race, but that’s a Prothean point of view. “Beautiful” as a Prothean (not a human) could consider beauty – it’s all in the eye of the beholder…

  14. Given Qaurians have 3 fingers and weird leg morphology, “human-like” means “humanoid”, and the canvas is broad. That being established Asari are also “human-like”, even much more than Quarians having 3 fringers that look like claws and legs that are out of alignment. Javik said Quarians were considered the most beautiful race of the Galaxy, but that’s a Prothean point of view. “Beautiful” as a Prothean (not a human) could consider beauty – it’s all in the eye of the beholder…

    Now regarding this representation, personally I don’t like it : by itself it’s beautiful and very well drawn, but it doesn’t make sense. Her lips and mouth are too human (more over sexually attractive and inviting from a human stand point which should be highly improbable); Quarians don’t eat solid matter (else they would be obliged to remove their mask), thus their teeth should have recessed/regressed with time; It looks like a mask, and such non continuous skin surface isn’t consistent with the fact that Quarians lack an immune system (but that’s a far-fetched assumption).

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