The Halo Team Costume that Took Three Years to Assemble

You think you put a lot of effort into your Halloween costume this year? Ordering crap from the internet a few weeks beforehand? That’s child’s play compare to the dedication this bunch of guys (grown men I might add) put into their group Halo costumes, a project they started three YEARS ago.

But eventually it all came together, through crafting skills that would put pro cosplayers to shame, and it all turned out rather well. What you’re about to see is a photo essay about how the suits were made, and what it looked like when they were finally assembled. The answer? Awesome.

Check out the different stages of the process in the gallery below. Alright guys, what’s your next project?

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  1. I guess this is really mean, and it somewhat betrays the effort and dedication put into these costumes — but don’t these spartans look a little … rotund?

  2. I love the effort and skill and dedication but the colors seem radically varied in tone. I know Halo multiplayer is sorta famous for bright colors that make no sense for real combat but the main colors they had all matched tonally and this is kinda nerfed. Then again I’m gonna try a satin black for my costume at first so I should just shut up.

    Great work.

  3. Cap –
    When you ask for help from friends to finish this and have fun. Beggers can’t be choosers.

    Tenmaru –
    We were going as the characters from the internet series Red vs. blue by roosterteeth. Each character matches a those colors.

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