Resident Evil 4 Remake: Tips On Finding Ammo

Resident Evil 4 Remake brings back Leon Kennedy to fight the Umbrella Corporation in a mysterious desolate location in Europe. Originally released back in 2005, an upgraded version of this classic horror adventure just dropped for the next generation. Being more action-heavy, Resident Evil 4 focuses more on white-knuckled set pieces as opposed to its more slow-paced and strategic predecessors.

Scrounging for ammunition will be a constant occurrence in this game. There are new ways to fight and eliminate enemies in this fourth installment more than ever before. However, there is a trade-off for everything that Leon does. He is not totally helpless whenever he’s out of firepower, but being stocked certainly helps out for sure.

The merchant from the 2005 original makes a comeback for this reimagining. Despite that many things have been tweaked with this remake, players still can’t purchase ammunition from him. Even though this may not make logical sense, it is just one of the rules that Resident Evil 4 players must abide by. Luckily, there are a few ways to work around this. One, in particular, is utilizing the crafting feature. More often than not, players will be forced to forge their own firepower from scrapes smattered throughout the world.

Crafting Recipes

Now, the key ingredient to stock up on is gunpowder. This can be found in a variety of places throughout Resident Evil 4 Remake. Always be sure the scour the area and gather as many items as possible. Of course, since this is a classic survival horror game, inventory management will always be an underlining factor. In order to increase storage, stop by the merchant and purchase an upgrade. It will cost up to 10,000 Pts, so try and be frugal with the money while playing the campaign. Thusly, the merchant will also hold crafting recipes to purchase.

Cost of Recipes


  • 8,000 Pts.

Heavy Grenades

  • 12,000 Pts.

Magnum Ammo

  • 7,000 Pts.


  • 6,000 Pts.

Flash Grenade

  • 6,000 Pts.

Crafting Recipes For Ammunition


  • 9x Gunpowder and 1 Resource will make 1 mine.

Heavy Grenades

  • 12x Gunpowder and 1 Resource (L) will generate just 1 grenade.

Magnum Ammo

  • 17x Gunpowder and 1 Resource will create 4x Magnum Rounds.


  • A Kitchen Knife or Boot Knife, plus 1 Resource (L) will garner up to 5 Bolts.

Flash Grenade

  • 5x Gunpowder and 1 resource will manifest just one flash grenade.

Handgun Ammo

  • 5x Gunpowder and 1 Resource (S) will accumulate 10x Rounds.

Shotgun Shells

  • 12x Gunpowder and 1 Resource (S) will create up to 6x Slugs.

Submachine Gun

  • 6x Gunpowder and 1 Resource (L) will make up 30x Rounds.


  • 10x Gunpowder and 1 Resource (L) will forge 7x Rifle Rounds.

Other Places To Find Ammo

Now, as far as standard handgun ammunition, they can typically be found on the bodies of fallen enemies, as well. This is a random occurrence and shouldn’t be solely depended on. However, it does happen often enough to give Leon a fighting chance. Thusly, Resident Evil 4 Remake also tightened up its melee attacks. Therefore, it is advised to take out enemies with melee moves as often as possible to save up on ammunition. There is also a pretty effective stealth mechanic in this remake, too. This is something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Another way around saving ammunition is to use crowd control. A single mine can take out a cluster of the infected. Try and think ahead and set up traps as often as possible. Headshots are also highly effective. Especially with the magnum and other powerful hand cannons. Sometimes, a single shot will slice through multiple targets. So, try and line up shots accordingly. Another tip to keep in mind is that the bolt thrower can come in handy.  Leon can retrieve bolts from slain enemies and reuse them. So, try and use it as often as possible to avoid wasting bullets.

How To Get Infinite Ammo

Rocket Launcher

Now, with the Resident Evil 4 Remake, there is indeed an infinite ammunition cheat to unlock. There is a step-by-step process on how to make this happen. First, players will need to complete the game on any difficulty setting. After that, start a New Game Plus campaign and start all over again. Once Leon encounters the merchant for the first time, there will be a rocket launcher available with unlimited rockets. This won’t be cheap, either. It will cost up to 2,000,000 Pts in order to purchase it.

Chicago Sweeper

On top of that, the Chicago Sweeper and Handcannon can also come with unlimited ammo. With these particular cases, players will need to fully upgrade them in order to unlock the unlimited ammo option. To obtain the Chicago Sweeper, players must complete the campaign in under seven hours. Plus, they also must have an A-Ranking. Players will be able to find it in a storage box in any safe room. It will cost up to 660,000 Pts to fully upgrade it.


The Handcannon is kind of in the same situation. After finishing the campaign, the Professional difficulty setting will be available. So, start a new game on that setting and note that no previous weapons will carry over. Therefore, players will start over again fresh. The new playthrough must be completed with an A-Ranking. When that is finished, the Handcannon will be available for purchase in the Bonus Content store. It will cost up to 790,000 Pts to fully upgrade it.


Even though Resident Evil 4 is fundamentally the same game as its 2005 counterpart, there is still a hefty selection of new challenges to overcome. The combat may have had some nuances ironed out, but it is still as satisfying as ever. Even more so with access to unlimited ammo and nonstop carnage. Finding weaponry in Resident Evil 4 Remake can be a chore, but that’s part of the fun in any survival-horror game. Resident Evil 4 Remake is now available for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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