Resident Evil 4 Remake – Basic Monster Guide

Leon Kennedy’s adventure throughout Spain in Resident Evil 4 Remake offers all manners of monsters to add to the bestiary. The modern re-telling of this classic yarn introduces enemies that many players are familiar with. However, there is a new generation of gamers that never set foot into Leon’s shoes and have no idea what is in store for them.

Knowing the monsters and their behavior patterns can make all the difference in this campaign. Of course, there is an assortment of ways to defeat foes in this game. The thing is that some enemies require careful planning and execution. Things in Resident Evil 4 Remake can be pretty hairy and this guide will lay out the best ways of slaying these enemies.

Needless to say, the enemies in the Resident Evil 4 Remake are as menacing as ever. Most of the enemies generally have the same weaknesses as their 2005 counterparts. However, there have been some tweaks done with this remake to help keep things fresh. Therefore, this reimagining puts a new spin on things when it comes to battling these enemies. The following list will lay out what to expect from these enemies and how to overcome them.

Basic Enemy Guide


  • Description – This enemy type will be first encountered at the beginning of the game. Despite their zombie-like demeanor, they are quite intelligent and resourceful. They range in different variations of; axe welders, pitchfork holders, knife grabbers, and Molotov throwers. They are seen mostly in the village section at the beginning of the game. However, there will be few solemn battles with them toward the end within the mining section.
  • Weaknesses – Headshots are the most effective against them. Plus, neutralizing them with shots at their appendages is also recommended. They will horde together and grapple Leon, if possible. They’re also keen to long-range attacks, including throwing dynamite. So, shooting weapons out of their hands, or in mid-air, is the best way to avoid injury. Plus, melee attacks is the most useful against this enemy than any other in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Chainsaw Villager

  • Description – This enemy is basically a “Brute Class” with the Ganados. He is the most famous foe in this game. Cementing himself as an icon within the Resident Evil franchise. He will be first encountered during the first major battle of the game. He will relentlessly pursue Leon throughout the village, dishing out ‘one-hit’ kills whenever possible. This time around, Leon comes with a ‘counter-move’ to block his attack with this knife. Just don’t depend on this indefinitely, because this will erode the knife’s durability rather quickly. On top of that, the Chainsaw Villager can also block firepower from Leon, which can make things interesting.
  • Weaknesses – The trick with dealing with the Chainsaw Villager is that it’s important to keep moving. Getting trapped, or staying still, will spell instant death. Headshots will slow him down. Plus after countering his attacks, he will also stagger. Use that moment for a melee takedown. It is possible to kill him, but it will take some work and lots of avoidability. Players will be awarded a gemstone if they do manage to take out the Chainsaw Villager. In Chapter 6, there will be Chainsaw Sisters that Leon will need to fight. They are essentially the same as their counterpart, the only difference is that there are two of them. So, stay vigilant.


  • Description – These enemies are essentially the “villagers” of the castle segment of the game. They operate pretty much the same, just with different aesthetics. They will be more inclined to melee attacks using; shields, torches, maces, and scythes. There will also be variations that will use crossbows. Lastly, there are cultists who act as “Mage” of sorts, using their staff to summon the Las Plagas (Parasites) out of their minions.
  • Weaknesses – The shields that the cultists use are destructible. Leon can shoot chunks off it, exposing other parts of their person. This also includes their feet, heads, and torso. The best way to tear them down is with the shotgun. Thus, both scythes and crossbows can be parried. However, the window to pulling that off is small. Leon can’t kick the cultists, either. Alternatively, he can suplex them using the stealth mechanics in this game. This is the easiest way to break them down and finish them off.


  • Description – These are canines that are infected with parasites. They show up rather early in the game. They look like mutated dogs with enlarged heads, fangs, and thick necks. Sometimes, the Las Plagas will tear out from their backs. Even though they look fierce, taking them out isn’t too difficult.
  • Weaknesses – A well-placed blast with a shotgun will kill them instantly. With the pistol, around 2 to 4 shots are all that’s needed. Aim for the head, of course. They tend to hide and wait for Leon to arrive before ambushing. Listen for growls and other noises to pick up on their location. This is especially true when exploring the outer grounds of the castle.


  • Description – These are insectoid races created by experiments using the Las Plagas. They have the ability to fly and camouflage themselves. They will hide in plain sight and attack Leon from above. They will show up later in the game, around Chapter 10.
  • Weaknesses – They tend to die with only 2 or 3 shots with the pistol. Thusly, shotguns and SMGs will tear them down rather quickly. Ideally, the best way to kill a Novistador is to find them hiding while camouflaged. A straight shot to their head will be their doom.

Iron Maidens

  • Description – There is a special class in the Resident Evil 4 Remake called the “Regeneradors.” These are bulbous beasts that, quite literally, regenerate. Around Chapters 13 and 14 is when Leon will first encounter this enemy. They can’t be killed unless Leon has a Biosenor Scope attached to his armament. Without the scope, the best thing to do is simply dismember it and run away. Most notably, shooting off its legs is ideal.
  • Weaknesses – Now, when it comes to the Iron Maidens, they will have spikes protruding from their body after all the parasites in them have been destroyed. During this second stage of its cycle, it will have a weak spot near its mouth. So, keep avoiding it and take pop shots in its mouth to finally bring it down. Use either the pistol, rifle, or SMG. Anything else will be too widespread and sloppy.


  • Description – Much like the Chainsaw Villager, this class of enemies are hefty antagonists that can dish out massive damage. Of course, there are different types of Brutes in Resident Evil 4 Remake. They are towering individuals, usually adoring the head of a bull or pig over their visage. They will use either; fists, hammers, or projectiles to attack Leon. Naturally, they are very tanky and can deal with a lot of punishment.
  • Weaknesses – Their melee attacks can be dodged by Leon’s crouch move. The crossbow variants of the Brutes can be subsided by shooting their weapon while they are reloading it. Additionally, headshots are highly effective against all forms of brutes. Rifles, shotguns, and SMGs work best against them.


  • Description – This enemy is basically corrupted knight armor which will come alive and attack Leon in Chapter 9. Killing the Armadura can be tricky because it will seem immune to all forms of bullets. They will lounge toward Leon and swipe at him with their swords and axes. Luckily, the armor can be destroyed with enough firepower.
  • Weaknesses – The best way to eliminate Armadura is by aiming for their head. This will destroy the helmet and expose the parasites. Finish them off by either throwing a grenade or even a flash grenade. The shotgun or rifle would be the prime choice for fighting this enemy when it comes to headshots.


  • Description – These are the top-tier form of the Gandados. Soldiers have the same behavior patterns as them, but they are decked out in military gear and camo. They will come at Leon with melee attacks using stun rods, clubs, and shields. Thusly, they also come with Gatling guns and even rocket launchers.
  • Weaknesses – Melee attacks from these enemies can be parried with Leon’s knife. Considering that they are armed to the teeth, it will take hefty firepower to eliminate them. Using any SMG or the shogun will tear down their armor. As for the shield bearers, Leon can’t break through them. Instead, aim for their feet or parry around their shield for an opening. Enemies with firepower can also be taken out with headshots using a rifle or hand cannon. Look out for laser sightings and keep moving to avoid getting hit.


  • Description – This enemy is essentially the “puppet master” that controls the enemies in the game. They are “centipede-like” in their form and come in varying sizes. They will sometimes erupt out of bodies for one last ditch effort to kill Leon. When dead bodies start convulsing on the ground, that is a signal that the parasite is about to pop up. This can be stopped by knifing or shooting the corpse.
  • Weaknesses – Parasites can one-hit kill Leon if it manages to get close. Although tricky, shooting its head does the most damage. Flash grenades will also vaporize the parasites when they’re exposed. They can take a lot of hits, so generally any weapon will do. Of course, any rapid-fire weapon is recommended for this foe, if Leon has it available.


Of course, there are many more enemies of Resident Evil 4 Remake that players will encounter. This guide laid out just the standard threats that Leon will encounter throughout Spain. The campaign holds many secrets, including varying enemy types that each require specific measures to smite. This is especially true when it comes to bosses. Resident Evil 4 Remake is now available for Playstation, Xbox, and PC.

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