What Makes Death Stranding Collector’s Edition Different?

Death Stranding Collector's Edition

Death Stranding is revolutionary and gorgeous. If you’ve been waiting as long as we have to finally play DS, then you knew that already. Even when it’s the same game, there can be critical differences in different versions of a game. Hideo Kojima’s stunning piece de resistance comes in several ‘flavors,’ even though it doesn’t drop until next month. If you plan to save the ravaged post-apocalyptic world, then you might want to consider which edition is the best for you seriously. We love the Collectors Edition because of all the additional cool swag you get both in and out of the game.

All The Cool Gear

A collectors Edition isn’t worth much if it’s just a sticker on the cover of a regular edition. When you snag this sweet package deal, you get a fantastic list of bonus items worthy of any collection. Whether you’re a massive fan of Hideo, you adore Norman Reedus, or you’re a connoisseur of sci-fi and apocalyptic games or gear, you’ll be thrilled with the cool bonuses from this game.


Hideo Kojima released the cover art on Death Stranding this year during San Diego Comic-Con. It features Norman Reedus (the animated version) in full costume. However, the Steelbook features a very different image of Norman. He’s covered in a black substance that looks a little like oil but is also possibly some form of leakage from the dimension known as the “Other Side.”

Bridges Cargo Case

In the game, Bridges (Reedus) carries a cargo case everywhere. You can have your own Bridges Cargo Case with this edition of the game. Whether you use it to save the world is up to you.

Ludens Keychain

Ludens is the company mascot for Kojima Productions. He wears an EVA suit and sometimes carries a flag with the company logo on it. You’ll get an adorable chibi Ludens keychain if you pick up the Collectors Edition of Death Stranding. The icon, created by Yoshi Shinkawa twenty years prior to beginning DS, is a strangely apropos mascot for the game as well as the company.

BB Pod: Includes Life-Size Baby Doll

“BB” stands for Bridge Baby. These unusual little people are the players link to the BT’s (Beached Things) from the Other Side. Having a BB allows you to sense them, but it’s a big responsibility. Periodically they need to be returned to an Artificial Incubator to get some R&R. Apparently, being a psychic link to another world is stressful for the unborn, who knew? While there, the BB will use the Chiral Network to communicate with its birth mother, which is probably how the little tykes get their relief.

Death Stranding: Timefall (Original Music from the World of Death Stranding) Digital Album

This is pretty self-explanatory. You get a full copy of the original music from the Death Stranding soundtrack with a Collectors Edition.

Behind The Scenes Digital Video

For fans who really want to delve deep, getting this behind the scenes video is a real gem. You get some outstanding insight into how the game was made. Plus, you’ll probably learn more than a few fun facts that other players and fans of Kojima Productions won’t know unless you share them later.

In-Game Items

  • Ten PSN Avatars – Who are these mysterious PSN avatars? We don’t know since the game isn’t out yet. However, we’ll warrant a guess or two. It seems likely one of them would be Bridges himself, a BB, Deadman, Mama, Heartman, Fragile, Die-Hardman, Amelie, and Higgs. Honestly, we won’t know until it arrives, but those are the main characters, and they seem like a safe bet.
  • Gold Power Skeleton – This is a piece of gear that helps Bridges navigate the tough post-apocalypse terrain.
  • Gold Plate Armor: Level 2 – If you’re going to face beasts from another dimension, and maybe not kill them since every death in the game has consequences, then having good armor is vital.
  • Gold Ludens Mask Sunglasses – We’re not quite sure (yet) why you need sunglasses, but it seems like the harsh rays are a concern even after the world has ended. Maybe Bridges just cares a whole lot about his vision and UV rays.
  • Gold All Terrain Skeleton – The Skeletons that help brace the legs of a PC Bridges seem to come in several varieties. Doubtless, each one is good for different problems you’ll face.
  • Pre Order Only In-Game Items – Players who order their Collectors Edition before the game drops will get a few added bonuses for their in-game play. We’ve always thought this was a supremely cool way to thank people who support your games.
  • Gold Sam Sunglasses – A second pair of golden sunglasses awaits the player who preorders. Will they grant you special protection or abilities? We’re not sure, to be honest, but you’ll look good while you save the world.
  • PS4 Dynamic Theme – PS4 sports a host of static and dynamic themes to choose from already, but you can only get this one from the Collectors Edition of DS. For anyone confused about what this means, it’s like wallpaper for your background when you’re not in-game, but the PS4 is on. Static themes are just pictures. The dynamic themes move or change images every so often based on the PS4 internal clock or animation.
  • Avatar Chibi Ludens – You may have noticed we didn’t put Ludens on the first list of avatars we thought you might get. That’s because we knew you’d get a chibi version of him if you decide to pre-order.
  • Gold Armor Plate – The level 2 Gold Armor Plate from the regular Collector’s Edition is, we think, the next level of this armor.
  • Gold Baseball Cap – Who doesn’t need a golden baseball cap when they’re already rocking the gold sunglasses? This is especially cool for those who dislike the look of a bulky helmet on your character.
  • Gold Speed Skeleton – Round out your skeleton set with this (presumably) faster skeleton. We didn’t see any teleporters or horses in the apocalypse. It’s safe to say this bonus item will get you further and faster without the need for all those fancy trappings.

Final Thoughts

Every Collectors Edition game is cool, but we’re in awe at the collection of in-game and IRL swag that comes with Death Stranding’s Collector’s Edition. We want the BB and… well everything else, but especially that BB. It would make a great Halloween decoration this year and a fantastic coffee table conversation piece. What’s your favorite Collectors Edition game? Tell us why in the comments below.

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