How to Beat Amygdala in Bloodborne


Amygdala is one of the Great Ones that can be fought in Bloodborne. Since there are Lesser Amygdalae that can be found in various locations, it is unclear what it is supposed to be, thus resulting in much speculation on the matter. Some people think that these entities constitute a sub-race of the Great Ones. In contrast, other people think that these entities might be greater and lesser avatars of the same overarching existence. Whatever the case, what matters more are the methods by which interested individuals can beat this particular Bloodborne boss. Before facing Amygdala, here are some of the things that Bloodborne players should know:

Found in the Nightmare Frontier

This boss can be found in the Nightmare Frontier. Interested individuals can reach said location through a couple of methods based on whether they have managed to get their hands on a Tonsil Stone or not. If they have, they can head to the Grand Cathedral, make a right turn, proceed further, and then get sent to the desired location by a Lesser Amygdala while attempting to open a door. In contrast, if they haven’t, they will need to kill the One Reborn before reacting to a mummy to be sent to the right building where they will have to speak with Patches. This boss can be found at the bottom of Nightmare Frontier situated close to a shortcut lift.


Element-wise, Amygdala is resistant to Blunt damage. As such, interested individuals should avoid said source of damage in preference for either Arcane, Fire, or Bolt damage, which make for much superior alternatives. Moving on, Amygdala is vulnerable in its head as well as its front limbs. Meanwhile, it is possible for players to inflict damage by attacking its lower half, but this is not a recommended course of action because it will result in much reduced damage. Granted, Amygdala does have lower health than a lot of other Bloodborne bosses, but it isn’t at the point that most interested individuals will want to handicap themselves for no real purpose.

Get Something with Increased Reach

It is a good idea to bring a weapon with increased reach. This is because Amygdala’s vulnerable points are located high up, meaning that the increased reach can make the difference between hitting them and not hitting them. Something like the Threaded Cane would be an excellent choice, both because it possesses the increased speed and because it possesses the superior speed with which to make the best use of that increased speed. However, there are other options such as the Saw Spear as well as Ludwig’s Blade.

How Can You Beat Amygdala in Bloodborne?

For those who want to beat Amygdala, it is worth memorizing some of the attack options that are available to it. For starters, it can shoot a laser that can’t do any damage on its own but can cause explosions along its entire course. Should interested individuals see this coming, they should dodge to either side before closing in on Amygdala because it isn’t something that it will use unless the player is situated at a distance. Be warned that there is a second version of the laser attack, which is very similar save that the laser is shot out in short, successive bursts. Furthermore, this boss has a move in which it will spew out a pool of vomit. Said pool will land on the ground before it. As a result, the best response would be avoiding the pool by moving out of the way before continuing with the attack. The vomit does get an upgrade in the latter part of the fight, but it isn’t particularly notable, seeing as how there will just be more vomit making for a bigger pool of vomit.

Besides these, Amygdala has a very interesting combo that can be exploited for considerable damage potential. In short, it will lurch upwards before unleashing a right palm thrust, a left palm thrust, and then a huge slam with multiple arms. This is very powerful, meaning that interested individuals will want to avoid it at all costs. However, if they succeed at doing so, they will be able to target Amygdala’s head because it will be left very vulnerable at the end of this combo. Please note that when Amygdala powers up, there will be magic spheres at the very end of the combo, meaning that those will have to be dodged as well.

One potential course of action would be staying close to Amygdala throughout the entire fight. First, this is useful because it means that it won’t be using its long-range attacks, which are very powerful and thus very painful. Second, Amygdala has a relatively limited repetoire of swings and swipes when engaged at close range, which can be avoided with ease when the player remains close but to the side for ease of dodging. In fact, some players like to stay close to the tail, though there is no point to actually targeting the tail because it has too much protection to make it worthwhile in this regard. Should interested individuals choose to stay close, they should know that Amygdala will sometimes jump up in an attempt to land on them. However, there is a bit of a delay between its jump and its landing, which should provide interested individuals with ample time in which to move away before moving in for further damage.

Eventually, there will come a point when the player brings Amygdala to about 50 percent of its total health. Once this has happened, interested individuals can expect it to tear off two of its limbs before using them in its continuing attacks, thus increasing their reach by a considerable margin. However, this doesn’t actually change the way that the player should engage Amygdala. As such, they should continue to remain close to their opponent so that they can hammer away while remaining to the side so that they can move away as necessary. So long as they are patient, they will prevail. In fact, they should be able to do so even if they are careless enough to take some hits from Amygdala’s weaker attacks during the fight, though they should still strive to dodge as much as possible.

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