10 Things You Didn’t Know about Twitch Streamer Alinity Divine

Twitch fans all have their favorites. Similarly, we all have streamers we don’t like, but love them or hate them, Twitch is big business. There are few streamers more loved and hated than Alinity Divine. This gorgeous streamer has had more trouble over her words and actions than most, but is she guilty of wrongdoing? We’re not here to pass judgment, so we’ll leave that up to the individual viewers. Here are ten things you didn’t know about Twitch Streamer Alinity Divine.

1. Animal Abuse?

Alinity Divine, aka Natalia Mogollon, has come under fire more than once for the way she treats her pets. In a recent stream, she yelled at her cat Milo. It appears he tried to climb on her keyboard or lap while Alinity Devine was mid-battle. She grabbed him and tossed him over the back of her chair. We’ve watched it several times, and we’re not quite sure this was worth the media attention it received. It wasn’t nice, but animal abuse seems a bit overblown. Natalia was later cleared of any animal abuse charges, so legally, it wasn’t an issue. Nevertheless, plenty of fans felt it was a problem.

2. Did She Just Say What We Think She Said?

Another controversy the jury is still out on is her apparent use of the “N” word on a live stream. We’re not interested in defending her actions if she used a nasty slur on her channel. However, it’s hard to tell for sure if she said what it sounds like or if it was intended in a bad way. She apologized to anyone who felt offended even after explaining that it wasn’t what it sounded like. Natalia’s first language isn’t English, and it would hardly be the first time she’s tripped over words. Whether or not you think she’s telling the truth when she says it was a matter of slurring words, not speaking slurs is a matter of personal opinion.

3. Immigration Woes

It’s no secret that Natalia shares things about her real-life on her stream as well as her games. She’s been known to talk about her eating disorder and other mental health struggles, and there’s the issue of the one-day-a-week drinking and gaming event she throws for herself. Unfortunately, because Natalia said some things about getting married to move to Canada and then getting divorced, some fans were outraged. There was even a petition started two years ago after she made the comments, to deport Alinity. Marriage fraud is a serious charge, and she hasn’t been found guilty, nor been deported yet.

4. World of Warcraft

On a happier note, fans of World of Warcraft may be less familiar with Alinity as a streamer who’s known for her troubles, because they know her as a serious WOW twitch streamer. No doubt, she rose to popularity for her gaming skills as well as the controversies and her good looks.

5. The Ban for Porn

Twitch doesn’t allow pornography. Some channels still get away with showing more than you might expect, and it can be challenging to monitor everyone all the time. Alinity was handed a three-day ban for accidentally pulling up pornographic images while looking at another streamers’ page. She lashed out, saying it was not a fair ban, and we can see her point since it wasn’t her porn. Still, zero tolerance is zero tolerance, and three days isn’t eternity, though it may feel that way.

6. Natalia Mogollon Stats

No, we’re not talking about her ‘measurements’ here. Natalia Mogollon is thirty years old, born on January 10, 1988. She was originally from Cali, Colombia, but moved to Canada to get married and subsequently divorced. She still resides in Canada.

7. Feuding with PewDiePie

Speaking of controversial Twitch Streamers, the beloved and loathed, yet always incredibly popular PewDiePie, who has made his share of mistakes like making anti-Semitic comments and using anti-Semitic imagery, has gone after Alinity more than once. He called her, and other female Twitch streamers Thots.

8. Makin’ Paper

Whatever you think of Alinity and her various issues, her feud with PewDiePie and her streams, one thing is certain. Alinity is making bank off the stream, and the controversy keeps her in the news. Some anti-Alinity types have even argued that the only reason she wasn’t banned from Twitch long ago is the fact that she makes them good money. Doubtless, the service profits from hosting streamers, but we’re not so sure about that accusation.

9. Copyright Conundrum

After PewDiePie called Natalia and other female streamers Thots and implied, they deserved harassment for their clothing choices. Naturally, she got upset. It wasn’t just the comment, but the fact he used his colossal platform to watch a video of sexy female streamers and then derided them that Alinity took offense to. She went off-camera and asked if she could sue for copyright infringement since the video showed a video of her that she hadn’t given PewDiePie permission to record or show. Apparently, she did complain about the copyright issue, though we were unable to determine how that particular issue was resolved in the end.

10. Social Media

In addition to her incredibly popular Twitch stream, Alinity has both a YouTube channel and a Twitter feed, where she posts regularly. If you’re curious to find out more about the controversial gamer/streamer, you can always follow her there in addition to watching her live streams. The one great thing about the interconnected internet era is that it’s not hard to find info on your favorite, or most loathed, public personalities.

Final Thoughts

We’re honestly not sure what to think after our more in-depth dive into Alinitys world. Fortunately, we’re only here to report the news, not rule on it. Watching her play, we can say she’s pretty good at what she does, and we admire anyone who shares their mental health struggles openly. Do you think Alinity Divine is a champion of mental health causes and gaming prowess or a terrible person who should be out of the media spotlight? Let us know why in the comments section below.

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