Fortnite Adds New Movement Mechanics to Save The World

Fortnite Save The World new movement mechanics

“Fortnite”, which just finished its huge Naruto collaboration, has always been a large, growing game every day from its initial launch but as most of the attention has been pointed to the more popular, free-to-play, battle royale mode but there’s a strong player base within the core mode of Fortnite as well, Save The World. While Save The World has always held a special place in many gamers’ hearts, it’s been long expected, or at least hoped for, that Fortnite would add the newest movement mechanics from battle royale into Save The World. Recently, “Fortnite” actually took the newest movement mechanics from battle royale and implemented them into Save The World, which should hopefully help even the further along Save The World players with some tight situations. Below, we’ve gone into detail on “Fortnite”, Save The World itself, how it separated itself from battle royale from the very beginning, and what exactly the new mechanics in Save The World from battle royale actually are.


While “Fortnite” has been mostly known as a battle royale, originally the main, core mode called “Save The World” operated much differently as the game had a different genre entirely. The “Fortnite” free-to-play mode, which now launches automatically when “Fortnite” is launched, has always been a battle royale but the free-to-play mode was inspired by the true zombie survival defense mashup that was Save The World. Save The World remains in paid access only, but Epic Games has made it easier and easier for fans of “Fortnite” battle royale to gain access to Save The World with the purchase of outfits, or other bundles from the battle royale item shop. However popular the “Fortnite” battle royale mode has gotten, Save The World has always been the true “Fortnite” mode with its unique story mode.

Fortnite Save the World

As stated above, “Fortnite” Save The World mode has been the original mode, and the one that some don’t acknowledge at all but we’ve gone into detail on the mode for those unaware, or have been looking for a reason to get involved with the “Fortnite” PVE mode: Save The World. To start, Save The World rewards players that log in with a new reward daily with a variety of items that help in-game to the ever-elusive V-Bucks that typically could only be purchased or earned in each season of the battle royale Battle Pass. While many would think that Save The World would have had the movement capabilities added to the battle royale mode a few seasons back as the mode typically has gotten set things before Save The World, such as Traps and items. Overall, Save The World featured the same characters featured in battle royale but Save The World gave each character unique skills, perks, abilities, descriptions, and much more such as voice acting associated with each character, as well as deep quest lines. Gameplay for Save The World has been where the true differences take place, however, with players in Save The World having to, more than occasionally, build a base nearly 10 times larger and more intricate than the average large build in the battle royale mode. Players don’t worry about other players in Save The World either as Save The World has always been a maximum 4-player semi-open world tower defense PVE game, as the players must work together to protect whatever the large build houses at its center from the AI zombie-like enemies of Save The World. However, with the new movements added to Save The World from battle royale, the possibilities have only multiplied for survival.

Save The World Gets New Movement Mechanics from Fortnite Battle Royale Mode

While the movement has always been key in “Fortnite” battle royale, and Save The World has always had the same movement as battle royale, it was a shock when swimming was added to the battle royale title as the water surrounding the island was not only the biggest component to avoid but also slowed you down entirely when you could actually enter the water. When entering the larger body of water that surrounded the island, however, players would instantly die, which was clearly not convenient. However, beyond the swimming mechanic being added to “Fortnite”, many seasons later Epic Games added several new movement mechanics to their battle royale mode throughout several updates, starting with Chapter 2 Season 8 when sliding was introduced. After swimming and sliding, additional new movement mechanics were added to battle royale with Tactical Sprinting and Mantling as well. Tactical Sprinting was implemented as not only a faster way to move but a way to take advantage of the environment around the player as well. Unfortunately, the new movements came with a Stamina Bar as well, which has limited excessive use of the new movement mechanic. Finally, beyond movement speed increases and versatile sliding, Mantling, which has been possibly the most monumental of the new movement mechanics, as the new mechanic has allowed players to simply jump and grab a ledge to reach an otherwise unreachable area, especially within the “Fortnite” No Build mode.

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