Fortnite Naruto Rivals Event

Fortnite Naruto Rivals Event

“Naruto” has returned to “Fortnite” in a possibly more outstanding way than it had last time with four new outfits, various other pieces of related cosmetics, the return of The Hidden Leaf Village in Creative, as well as much more for players to enjoy for themselves to make it an even greater experience than the original appearance of the popular ninja anime. “Fortnite” has long been the king of collaborations from across all forms of media, but as each collaboration has come in, the next one someone still comes as a complete surprise. Below, we’ve gone into detail on all of the new “Naruto” content currently, and “Naruto” content expected to come to the game on June 23rd, which includes the reward-giving event, “The Nindo 2022”, all falling under the grander “Naruto Rivals” name in “Fortnite”.


As stated above, “Fortnite” has a long history of collaborations with Epic’s own franchises, such as “Battle Breakers”, anime such as the previous “Naruto” collaboration, other video games such as “Among Us”, comic book characters from across DC Comics and Marvel, television and movie franchises, and even long-rumored collaborations between “Family Guy” and “Dragon Ball”. It’s been a good amount of time since “Fortnite” went a single season without any sort of collaboration included with the Battle Pass but even without a single collaboration item included with the Battle Pass, I’d find it hard to believe that we’ll ever go a single new season without a single brand new collaboration hitting the Item Shop within “Fortnite”.

Naruto Team 7 Joined Fortnite

On November 16th, 2021, “Naruto” and other characters that included Kakashi, Sasuke, and Sakura as outfits, and various other items related to the “Naruto” anime were released as well that including several back blings, a few gliders, emotes, loading screens, and more. On top of the addition of those outfits and other cosmetic items to the game, Kakashi was also found as a character around the island and supplied players with Exploding Kunai, should they decide to spend the gold on them. The Hidden Leaf Village also made its first appearance in Creative as an explorable experience, as well as alternate styles for nearly every outfit, released the first time around from “Naruto”, and The Nindo Challenges, that players were able to complete to get the Kurama Glider without having to spend the V-Bucks.

Naruto Rivals to Join Fortnite

As for the Naruto Rivals skins, set to hit the shop on June 23rd when the Item Shop resets, they will include some of the more popular and fan-favorite outfits from the anime, compared to the first set. The second set, perfectly titled Naruto Rivals includes Itachi Uchiha, Orochimaru, Gaara, and Hinata Hyuga and various other styles and items such as Back Blings, Gliders, Emotes, and more. Itachi Uchiha, famed older brother of Sasuke, and member of The Akatsuki, may be the most popular character added to “Fortnite” with Naruto Rivals from the anime. Itachi’s set will include the Black Ops style as well as the character in his Akatsuki attire, as well as the Black Ops Mask Back Bling, with varying styles. Orochimaru has a good set of items attached to him which include the Hidden Leaf Era style, Sword of Kusanagi Pickaxe, the Striking Shadow Snakes Emote, and the Manda Glider, which can be earned versus purchased by completing The Nindo 2022 Challenges. One of two bundles available for players once the item’s launch includes Itachi and Orochimaru’s sets combined with a Loading Screen. The second set of items we have for the Naruto Rivals Fortnite event include Hinata with two alternative styles, interestingly, and Hinata’s Backpack Back Bling. Finally, Gaara and his set include some interesting items, including the Gaara’s Sand Cloud Glider that can only be used with the outfit, as well as the Sand Gourd Back Bling, and Gaara’s two styles. The second bundle from the Naruto Rivals set will include Gaara and Hinata’s item set, as well as a Loading Screen.

Other Items in Fortnite from Naruto Rivals

Overall, “Fortnite” will be adding four Naturo Rivals outfits, with two bundle options, but there are also other items available through both earning them through The Nindo 2022 Challenges or through the Ninja Gear Bundle that will include the Rasenshuriken Emote, Manda Glider, Minato’s Kunai Pickaxe, Sword of Kusanagi Pickaxe, and the Akatsuki Wrap. While players could acquire the Ninja Gear Bundle to acquire the Manda Glider and Akatsuki Wrap, players could also acquire the items by completing the various challenges associated with The Nindo Challenges for the Naruto Rivals content coming June 23rd to “Fortnite”.

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