War of the Worlds Will be a Survival Game Based on the 2005 Movie

War of the Worlds is a game based on the 2005 Steven Speilberg film. Which, in turn, was a remake of the 1953 movie directed by Byron Haskin. Of course, there were some liberties taken from both of these movies which originated from H.G. Wells’s novel in 1898. In this particular instance, the War of the Worlds video game is solely based on the version crafted by Steven Speilberg. Developed by FlipSwitch Games, this title will be a first-person survival horror adventure where players will need to survive a certain number of days while avoiding the invading alien menace stomping the Earth. Even though this game seems rather shallow in comparison to other games out there, the developers are constantly tweaking and adjusting the mechanics to make this IP as unique as possible. Players will be thrown into the middle of the extermination of mankind and they will need to do whatever they can to survive.

There was recently early access for this game and the developers are digesting all the feedback players are giving them. This game will feature all the nuances that survival games are known for. Everything from nourishment to seeking shelter will be prominent gameplay factors in War of the Worlds. The goal of this game is to survive a whole week without being vaporized or captured by the tripods. Of course, there are also going to be other threats in this game to where players will need to deal with. Furthermore, this game will also have a multiplayer component to it. There are some rather interesting mechanics to this game that will give it a chance to be something that will have longevity. No doubt that a lot of thought was put into this project. Even though the developers don’t have a robust toolbox for game creation, they are making up for it by being innovative with what they already have.

They Are Coming

Now, one thing that players will need to keep in mind is that the levels will be bustling with activity. There will be military factions fighting the aliens, people mugging each other, and frantic crowds running around. Thusly, players will not only need to deal with the aliens but also with other people who will try and steal their resources. Much like any other survival game, inventory management will be key to winning. Finding food, energy, weapons, and tools will also factor into survival with this game. Stealth will be a key element in War of the Worlds. The tripods will search vehemently for the humans and players will stay out of their line of sight. Hiding in houses, behind debris and even within a dense forest will shield players from being spotted. If players are spotted, however, there are a couple of things that could happen.

The tripods will either snatch them up with their tentacles and place the in the net for holding, or they’ll just vaporize them with their heat ray. Now, if players are shoved in the net waiting to be ground up in red moss will be able to escape? Yes, according to the developers. There will be a small window of opportunity to get out of that situation just like in the movie. The red moss will be an element in War of the Worlds. It’s not stipulated what exactly it will do or how it will affect gameplay. The developers haven’t really decided on what to do with it just yet. However, there will be terraforming happening in real-time by the tripods along with dynamic weather changes. There will also be different variations of the tripods and aliens that pilot them. Which will expand beyond what was seen in the movie and kind of give this game its own sense of mythos.

Human Nature

Of course, players won’t totally helpless when going against the aliens. It will be possible to steal military vehicles and attack the tripods. Just keep in mind that other human NPCs will also try and jack the vehicle for their own means. This will also be a good introduction to how the multiplayer will work in War of the Worlds. Yes, multiplayer will be just as thoroughly designed just like the single-player campaign. There will be two different factions that players can choose, human or alien. It is fairly obvious what the goal is with each faction. The thing is that the multiplayer will be a little more giving in terms of combat and resources as opposed to the single-player. Both sides play drastically differently from each other.

The humans will need to outlast the alien invasion and be the last team or person standing in order to win the match. Either stay alive long enough to outlive the aliens in this climate, or fight back using military might to take them down. Tanks, jets, jeeps, and other vessels can be commandeered at the player’s whim. On the alien side, players will pilot the various tripods and either obliterate or capture the human players and turn them into red moss. There are a lot of good ideas with the War of the Worlds video game. When it comes to the survival-horror genre, this title is actually a pretty good fit. There is still quite a bit of work to do with this game’s development. The footage shown in the trailer is pre-alpha and it shows. However, there is potential bubbling underneath the surface for sure.

Days of Heat Rays

The developers are taking note of all the concerns and additions that need to be addressed with War of the Worlds. They are listening to feedback and trying their best to ensure the player base that they are being listened to. There isn’t a date put in place for this game’s release. However, it is currently a PC exclusive and there is no word on whether or not this game will go to consoles. In any case, fans of the Speilberg movie or just classic sci-fi tales, in general, should keep their eye on War of the Worlds.

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