Reborn Survival Will be a MMO With Zombie Hunting Tactics

Reborn Survival is a new PVPVE game that is being developed by Pixelcat Games. This game will be an open-world co-op zombie adventure with light RPG mechanics knitted into the mix. This is being made by a rather small indie development team, despite its ambitious goals. Players will be able to fully explore this environment and scavenge for resources to build up their own faction and base camps. Clearly taking inspiration from certain IPs such as The Walking Dead, this game will focus solely on the resilience of the human spirit and how a fallen world can sometimes corrupt them. The undead stumbling throughout the wilds will be a constant threat, for sure. However, the ultimate menace will be with other players. Whatever you garner for your faction can be stored up in a vault over at base camp. The problem is other players can rob you of everything you worked for, which makes an interesting setup for a post-apocalyptic game.

There will also be a “Reputation System” which will ultimately affect the outcome of a player’s adventure. Going hog wild and pillaging other players’ camps might be a thrill, but your actions will have their price. Players will be able to hunker down in a basement and establish themselves there, or they can build up entire villages and run them. The choice is theirs. Reborn Survival will be a total sandbox in which players can do pretty much whatever they please. Of course, every action will have a consequence so this is something that players will need to bear in mind. It appears that everything from driving vehicles, looting corpses, crafting supplies, and going on missions will be featured in this game. Although there are similar titles out there like State of Decay, this new title is aiming to be a little more of a “crafting survival” game as opposed to its peers. Hence, there is no question that Reborn Survival wants to be its own thing despite following the path of many other zombie games in the market today.

No More Room in Hell

The main takeaway with Reborn Survival is the fact that players can choose their own destiny. If they want to be a leader of a small town and micro-manage it, they can. If they want to be a nomad and just travel around being a lone wolf, they can do that too. There is no doubt that there is a myriad of gameplay mechanics to be found in this new title. Now, considering that this game is being made by a relatively small team, certain elements will be limited during launch. However, if a community embraces it, this game can grow in a fairly small amount of time. There is some potential here, for sure. Collecting, trading, and selling items to merchants will obviously be a feature in this game. It has always been standard fare with RPGs and this game will be no different in that regard. The kicker is that players will be able to set up their own shop and trade with other players online.

Even though there will be other players to contend with, there will be NPCs patrolling the world. Mainly, zombies and bandits will be the main scourge to overcome while exploring the world. Additionally, there will also be wildlife roaming the land, most notably deer and wolves. Other types of animals will be added down the road post-launch. Reborn Survival will be played via third-person perspective. Thusly, it appears that players can switch to first-person if that is their preferred style of playing. Camps and bases can also be looted for additional supplies. Not to mention daily challenges and missions that players can tackle at their own discretion.

Lands of Misery

Even though Reborn Survival is generally a competitive online game of sorts, there will also be dungeons that will need to be cleared in order to accumulate massive XP. These will come in the guise of bandit camps, zombie nests, bunkers, and the like. These dungeons appear to be rather large in scope and teeming with places to explore and loot. Of course, players can choose whether or not they can venture into these places solo or with a team of people. The beauty of this game will be the flexibility in how players can tackle certain situations. Thusly, there will also be a rather robust customization system where players can gear up and tinker with their weapons to make their avatar uniquely their own.

Generally, Reborn Survival will be a little more casual toward the meta side of things. Managing an avatar’s vitals and dealing with weather changes won’t really play into this game as a factor. In other words, extreme cold and heat won’t affect characters in this game as much in other survival games like Green Hell. This title will focus more on the crafting and looting side of things. This may turn away certain gamers who are looking for a more hardcore zombie-surviving affair. On the other hand, some gamers who find those micro-managing elements annoying in these types of games might embrace this notion. Whatever the case, the developers appear to have a clear vision of what they want and they’re aiming to deliver exactly what they attend. Regardless of which direction they want to go, there will be enough content to keep players busy for some time.

Cooperative Crunch

At the end of the day, there is a lot to look forward to with Reborn Survival. If someone is looking for an open-world zombie survival simulator then this game could be their answer. This game still has a long way to go in terms of development, but the trailer that was dropped a while back does show some promise. There will be more information drip feeding about how things are going through the developer in the near future. In any case, there isn’t a date in place for the release of Reborn Survival. However, it is slated to be released sometime this year for the PC.

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