Ten Awesome Military Character Movie Villains

I think most of you have read at least 20 articles pertaining to movie villains in your past.   However, we decided to get a little more detailed when it pertains to movie bad guys.

I decided to carve out a specific niche and single out military characters that were particularly scary to me.

Here are 10 awesome military character movie villains…..

Colonel Nathan Jessep – A Few Good Men

“You can’t handle the truth!”  Did you think I would possibly miss this guy?  This is usually the first person you think of when you think military movie villains.

Amon Goeth – Schindler’s List

Talk about one crazy sadistic guy.   Not to mention how messed up emotionally he was.  I guess when your job is to eradicate a people without cause you might be a little conflicted in the head.

Colonel Hans Landa – Inglorious Basterds

What made this character was how calm he seemed all the time.   Well, except in the choking scene.  But other than that he was so scary without even acting it, if that makes sense.

Sgt Botha  – Power of One


I couldn’t find a picture but this clip will do.   This is before Daniel Craig was even famous but he was awesome in this movie, despite the role being kind of small.

Sgt. Bob Barnes – Platoon

It’s messed up when the movie villain is supposed to be one of the good guys but that’s what makes Barnes so awesome.

Colonel William Tavington – The Patriot

What a disgusting piece of crap this guy was.  Hell of a job though.

Colonel Miles Quaritch – Avatar

Letting all the lame lines slide, Miles was a pretty badass character if you get down to it.  He’s jacked and those scars are pretty awesome.

Colonel Kurtz  – Apocalypse Now

One of the best characters in military movie history.

General Francis Hummel – The Rock

Ed Harris!

The Chief in Apocalypto

I couldn’t find his name anywhere but so what.   This dude was ruthless.



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  1. Does General Hummel really count? I mean, yeah, he’s leading what amounts to a terrorist plot, but deep down he’s a good guy. He dies taking down the real bad guys, no?

  2. Look, normally I give people the benefit of the doubt when they make lists- particularly if they can defend their choices well- but you said that you chose the guy from avatar because “he’s jacked and those scars are pretty awesome.” I can live with you making choices I disagree with, but at least back it up a little better than that.

  3. Ed Harris was a better military villain in Enemy at the Gates… well there is actually was the villain.

    As Major König he killed Ron Perlman with one shot… that’s badass!

  4. Maybe this guy doesn’t count, but Colonel Yin from “Missing in Action 2” was always one of my favorite bad guys in the military. If you are only doing U.S. military, then i understand. Great list, though

  5. Suprised I didn’t see Captain Vidal from the film “Pan’s Labyerinth” I was almost sure he would be on this list. He was as sadistic and evil as they come, also such a great performance btw.

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