Debate of the Day: The Hobbit Trailer


Yeah, yeah, I know, I’m going trailer crazy this week. But it’s an insane couple of days for trailers, as we had The Dark Knight Rises, now The Hobbit, and I’ll probably make you tune in Thursday to talk about the Prometheus debut trailer as well.

Today’s Hobbit trailer debuted with a bit more of a lighthearted tone than The Dark Knight Rises, and includes 100% more singing. Actually, scratch that, I forgot about the creepy kid singing the national anthem at the beginning of the DKR spot.

Something about this strikes me as a very different sort of film than what the Lord of the Rings series was. It’s going to be much more of a straight up adventure, rather than a giant epic with sprawling battles and such. Sure, there might be a few, but the scale won’t be the same. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but I’m not sure we should be expecting LOTR when The Hobbit debuts a year from now.

What do you think of the spot?

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  1. Its going to be fantastic. It doesn’t need to be as epic in tone because the book is not as epic in tone as the LOTR. Weird seeing Galadriel in it. I hope they do a good job at integrating the material that is not in the book.

  2. Well, there’ll be the fight with the spiders in Mirkwood, not sprawling, true. However, there will be the battle of five armies near the end, of course Bilbo was knocked unconscious for most of that, so we’ll have to wait and see how much of that they film.

    I’m quite looking forward to this movie!

  3. And now I see they have Benedict Cumberbatch as Smaug? Not just his voice, but he’s actually using a motion capture rig to physically BE Smaug, ala Andy Serkis with Gollum.

    Seriously, Peter Jackson?

  4. I love the Rankin Bass Hobbit too, but I think you are probably in the minority on this one Jason M.

    I have trust that Smaug will be a glorious sight to behold…the center piece of the movie no doubt.

  5. I thought that the trailer might have had a hint of Smaug, wether it was just his voice, seeing only his glowing eyes or some small tease. Makes me wonder if they aren’t saving all of the dragon for the second movie.

  6. Lawl, every LotR nerd who has read the books a hundred times has a mini aneurysm every time someone watches the trailer and goes, “It looks like it’s going to be a much smaller, less epic adventure than the LotR trilogy!” They fight to keep from writing a rhetorical comparison between The Hobbit and LotR.

  7. The trailer looks good, it seems they are trying to make an interesting movie out of the book. Hope they don’t shoehorn too many references to LOTR into it.


    Put ridges on Thorin’s head, and you have a fully functional mini Klingon. Seriously look at him, klingon hair, klingon beard, even a wavy klingon moustache.

    Not sure I can get over that.

  8. The Hobbit was a very different book from Lord of the Rings. It was a straight up adventure, it wasn’t as epic, it was a lot more lighthearted, it was easier to read, and it was fun. I’m glad the tone of the movie seems to be a little different so far, because the book was different. The Hobbit was originally intended to be a children’s tale, something Tolkien could read to his kids before they went to bed. The Lord of the Rings was his more of a great academic experiment for him: an attempt to create a world, not just a story.

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