Kara – From the Heavy Rain Dev Team


Heavy Rain has been my best experience with the PS3 thus far, and I actually might count it as one of my favorite games ever, even if it is just a ten hour long quicktime event.

Quantic Dream, the game’s developer, has released this new tech trailer showcasing their latest graphic advancements that can run on the PS3. The short is called “Kara,” and though it’s not actually their next game, is a powerful, beautiful seven minute segment about a self-aware android.

Check it out for yourself, and if you’re like me, you’ll probably wish by the end that this was indeed a full-fledged upcoming title.

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  1. I gotta say that it’s a cool idea, but the actual execution feels too heavy-handed to me. Maybe in an actual gaming scenario I’d wind up liking it better.

    The technical side of this is pretty darn impressive though.

  2. It’s possible they could use this concept for a game, if not, they’ll at least use the tech. They kind of did the same thing before Heavy Rain came out and released a tech demo called “The Audition” which they used for said game. I have no idea if the girl in the demo was in the final product because I haven’t played the game at all. This is the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7VyD6S8IwY I don’t think this is the original because I only remember the video taking place in the white room. I also remember my mind being blown and creeped out all at once. Having said that, this new “Kara” demo upped the ante on both accounts…at least for me. It’s also incredible looking at the difference in tech after 2-3 years, quite impressive.

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