*This Close*

How many little kids in 1990 had a very bad Christmas because of this thing?

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  1. on a side note, my brother desperately wanted a gameboy when they first came out. however, he didnt pay too much attention to the name and when we had family over for thanksgiving (including my very catholic great grandma) and we were asked what we wanted for christmas, my brother shouted, very enthusiastically, that he wanted “nothing but a playboy!! all i want is a playboy!!”

    my family was shocked and great grandma was disgusted, until i explained what a gameboy was and that that was probably what he meant.

  2. Oh god, I used to have one of these, kind of fun actually. Totally better fun than the real thing! No… I take that back… It was supposed to be Mario Land… IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE MARIO LAND!

  3. Nice one @ Playboy ^^

    If I remember correctly, that game child thing was realy bad for your health. Maybe some kind of radoation or toxic fumes.
    So this would have been a really crappy christmas! 😉

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