10 Things You Didn’t Know about MediEvil PS4 Remake


MediEvil is a game for the Playstation that was released on October 25, 2019. You play as Sir Daniel Fortesque, a skeleton that excels in using swords for close armed combat and bows for enemies that are at long range. There are other weapons that you can use and throw such as clubs or daggers. Every weapon has a unique attribute that ties in with Sir Daniel’s charge attack. If you don’t have a weapon then Sir Daniel starts using his bones to attack at both close and long range. While the game is fun and packed full of adventure, there are some things that the game just doesn’t tell you. That’s why we’ve made this list of 10 things you didn’t know about MediEvil PS4 remake.

1. The Game Was Dedicated To Paul Darrow

Paul Darrow is a voice actor for one of the characters in the MediEvil game, Zarok. He played a huge part in a vital part of the game and passed away in June 3, 2019. Other than working as a voice actor, Paul Darrow was also an English actor who played in Blake’s 7 and made appearances in shows like Doctor Who and Silurians.

2. The First Game Was A Strategy Guide

The creators of the game wanted to help out the people who have supported them since the very beginning. Whoever played the first version of MediEvil had a map that guided them through the remake. Each secret and hidden item location was in the same exact spots as they were last time. This makes it so that if you’ve found them in the original game then your memory will lead you to the modern ones.

3. Every Cut Scene Was Kept Untouched

As with every remake done to a video game, the graphics and sound quality get an amazing boost. Every song and note or vocal recording plays back in a better way than the old game does. The textures and shadings of the graphics give a whole new feel when it comes to the remake. Even though the game looks and sounds better, all of the cut scenes were kept the same. Every movement and gesture is replicated to a point that it’s like watching an old movie with new graphics.

4. Interesting Music Origin

When it comes to making music for movies and video games, it takes a lot of thought and time when deciding a track that will be played by thousands of people. The new developers of the MediEvil remake sat down and thought about what kind of music the old developers liked. This brings a whole different aspect of music production that other video games don’t have.

5. The Structure Of The New Levels

The old MediEvil served as a frame that the remake worked on. The designers of the new game imported the frame of the old game using the new engine for the level geometry. This lets them place the elements of the levels near where the old ones where or in new inspired places. Some of the old code had missing areas when it was imported into the new engine so the designers had to make brand new trees, rocks, mountains, and other areas to fill in the spots. A lot of the level design was made by Jason Wilson who helped in some themes and mechanics too. This goes perfectly with the new aspect ratio that’s wide enough to show more things in a distance.

6. They Used The Voice Actors

There was only one person that was hired to be a new voice actor was Jason Wilson. He played the voice of Fortesque in the new remake. The narrator of the game is Lani Minella who was the voice for all of the hint books and the opening of the game. Everyone else had their voice tracks taken from the old game and used again in the new one.

7. The Secret Helmet

For hard core fans of the MediEvil game, it shouldn’t be a surprise that there’s a secret life helmet in the game that you could have gotten. In 2019, Japan released a live demo of the the game and called it The MediEvil: Short-Lived Demo. Everyone who downloaded that game should have found a helmet that you could carry in your inventory. If you use your save file from the demo for the new remake then the helmet would transfer over to the new game and you could use it. The game gets a lot hard if you do decide to put on the helmet.

8. You Can Unlock The Original Game

Nobody knew that you got two games when you bought the new remake of MediEvil. There are secret objectives that are all over the game that are called “Lost Souls”. You can beat the game without finding or completing any of these objectives. For those gamers that beat all of the Lost Souls missions, you unlocked the 1998 game that made this all possible.

9. The Book Of Gallowmere

The Book of Gallowmere is the only thing that you need to know everything about the game. It has in depth information about all of the characters found in the game as well as the enemies and their weaknesses. You can unlock the Book of Gallowmere once you’ve beaten enough Lost Souls missions. The key is to get this early so you can learn about all of the future monsters you’re going to be facing later on in the game.

10. Bosses From The Dead

Some of the bosses that were in the remake of MediEvil were actually in the first one too. Someone looked into the source code of both of the games and found that the code for the bosses were in the first one too. They were programmed into the original game but were never used for some unknown reason. We find out now that they’re used for the new remake but it leaves people to wonder are there bosses in the new game that aren’t being used?

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