Pigface Massacre is a New Survival-Horror Game with a Unique A.I.

Pigface Massacre is a low-budget indie project that is currently under development by threeW. A reveal trailer dropped a few days ago and there is no question that this title is taking inspiration from certain iconic horror franchises. This new game is another survival-horror project in which up to four players team up to solve puzzles all while trying to avoid getting slaughtered. Thus, also trying to unravel the mystery of Pigface, himself. The story goes that back in 1986, there were plans for a development called the Rimwater Collective Housing Area. However, a fire broke out and killed an entire family under mysterious circumstances. Strange things started happening shortly after that fateful event. The entire area was considered “cursed” and ultimately sealed off by local authorities. Being completely abandoned by the mid-1990s, Rimwater was the “go-to” destination for ghost hunters and thrill seekers, alike. Naturally, players will be in the shoes of one of these thrill-seekers, finding themselves in a nightmare beyond their wildest imagination.

This new title will be a first-person experience, with the core of the gameplay relying mostly on co-op. The game will start with players waking up in a room, with no idea how they got there. Explore this complex and digest the horrid history of what happened back in 1986. Who is Pigface and how is he related to the “curse” that surrounds the Rimwater Collective Housing Area? This game is rich with a dank atmosphere. Explore the claustrophobic corridors of the buildings and melancholic woods that surround them. From the sounds of it, it appears that Pigface Massacre will have procedurally generated playthroughs. Every time a gamer starts a new game, everything changes around, with the difficulty organically adjusting based on how well they are progressing. This game will be told through chapters and all of them will offer a new experience every time.

Art of the Macabre

Despite the small team making this game, Pigface Massacre will have photo-realistic graphics and will offer 4K resolution. Even though this game is being built with an obviously low budget, there is some rather hefty ambition to be found here. The details on how the game plays are a little scarce, but the trailer provides a pretty good insight on what to expect. Like most horror-survival games, this title will essentially be a memory exercise. Players will need to memorize where to go, what to expect in each room, and where all the items are placed. Now, since this game is aiming to be procedurally generated, this will be a fresh undertaking every time. Thus, the levels will be riddled with an environmental narrative in which players will need to consume at their own discretion. Players will need to think like gumshoe detectives and connect all the clues themselves.

Newspaper clippings, notes, hanging pictures, and drawings on walls will be available to assist players in piecing together the mystery. There is definitely a Blair Witch vibe to be found in Pigface Massacre. At least, in terms of the atmosphere. This is especially true with the ‘group of young thrill-seekers exploring the hearsay of an Urban Legend’ angle to it. It appears that players will be vulnerable during this adventure. Pigface will be roaming the halls, evidently being an ever-looming threat stalking the players perpetually like Mr. X in Resident Evil 2. If not, then most likely he will act as a boss which players will need to bypass within a certain scenario. As of right now, everything remains to be seen. This game is looking to be a heart-pounding cerebral experience. Which players will need to rely more on their wits as opposed to firepower.

Price of the Resourceful

From what was mentioned, playing the game well will only result and more pain. There will be a unique A.I. algorithm in place in Pigface Massacre where the difficulty is associated with a player’s skill. So, some playthroughs will be easy, while others will be bone-crushingly challenging. All this is stitched together with the progression system that’s intertwined in the chapters. Most likely, factors like “solving puzzles quickly” and “stealth skills” will be a part of how the A.I. will score a player’s progress. This is just conjecture, of course. The puzzles in this game, appear to be within the practical or engineering variety. Pushing buttons in the correct sequence and finding fuses to power up a room will all make an appearance. It’s all standard fare when horror-survival games are concerned. However, the randomized feature in this game will make every puzzle encounter a harrowing experience every time.

Even though this game was announced out of nowhere, it appears to be a nice substitute for gamers who are waiting for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre game to come out. Both of these games offer a different flavor, of course. However, there is no doubt that there are similarities. Needless to say, there is some potential with Pigface Massacre. If a good scare isn’t enough, then solving a rather intriguing mystery might be. This game seems to have many layers to it and it could become a sleeper hit if all the working elements gel together. Hopefully, there will be a more insightful gameplay trailer coming soon to help gamers get a better feel for how this game plays. If nothing else, this game could be a nice supplement for gamers who are clamoring for another Silent Hill or any other game of its ilk.

Territory Terror

The story behind Pigface Massacre sounds like an actual installment from Creepy Pasta and other wikis. This, in turn, does give this game a little allurement as far as its writing is concerned. Players will like to crawl around in dark, gritty games where danger lurks around every corner should have their eye on this. What makes Pigface Massacre is the A.I. mechanics. This is something that will make this title stand on its own two feet. As of right now, this game is slated to be a PC exclusive and will be released later this year.

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