Unreality Reader Makes an Incredible Resident Evil Executioner Costume

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As much as we love our readers who have cute girlfriends who dress up in tiny fighting game costumes, it’s cool to see that the depth of talent in costume crafting extends to something entirely different and awesome.

Sure, the Executioner from Resident Evil Afterlife might be the most unsexy creature we’ve ever featured here, but what he lacks in hotness he makes up for tenfold in badassery. In fact, I’m willing to say this is the most intimidating video game costume I’ve EVER seen, and trust me, for as much of this stuff as I see writing for this site, that definitely means something.

The talented reader’s name is Collin, that’s his fiancee Natalie in the Claire Redfield costume who he is marrying in 18 days. He promises their wedding will be “different” and says he will be sending┬ásome pictures. Judging by what I’ve seen today, I’m guessing that will make for one hell of a gallery as well.

Check out more of the Executioner in action and being constructed below:

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