Eleven Memorable Movie Werewolves

It seems like the recent vampire craze is finally dying down a bit, but undead bloodsuckers have been hogging the spotlight from their feral counterparts forever.  I’ve always been a werewolf kind of guy (and not because I have to wax my back), and after looking around a little bit, I realized that there happens to be a pretty decent amount of werewolves in movies, too.  Will there be a werewolf craze in the near future, or are werewolves monsters that people just can’t relate to?  Either way, here’s a look at eleven memorable movie werewolves:

Scott Howard – Teen Wolf


Scott Howard was tired of being an average teenager, ignorant of the history of lycanthropy that ran in his family.  Transforming into a wolf made Scott the most popular kid in school in addition to increasing his basketball skills by a factor of at least 100.  Scott got a big head from all the attention, and ultimately decided that he needed to pass life’s tests without turning into a wolf.  F*ck that – I would have stayed a wolf and gone to the NBA, making millions and slaying groupies.

Todd Howard – Teen Wolf Too


Todd is Scott’s cousin, and while at Hamilton college, he turns into a wolf and suffers the same ego boost that Scott had.  His athletic prowess increaded a ton, too, except Todd’s sport of choice was boxing.  Apparently, there’s also something about lycanthropy that makes those afflicted with it break out into song.  What, you don’t remember Todd Howard’s moving version of Do You Love Me?

Larry Talbot – The Wolf Man


Larry Talbot is probably the most famous movie werewolf, and The Wolf Man was the film that introduced the concepts of silver being harmful to werewolves and transformation occurring during a full moon.  A remake of this movie (what movies don’s have remakes or reboots nowadays?) is scheduled to be released sometime this year and stars Benicio Del Toro.

The Wolfman – The Monster Squad


There isn’t too much we know about the Wolfman from the Monster Squad, but fortunately, we do know very one crucial fact: Wolfman’s got nards.

David Kessler – An American Werewolf in London


David Kessler is backpacking through the Yorkshire moors when he’s attacked by what appears to some sort of animal.  Of course, that animal was a werewolf, and David subsequently endures an incredibly painful transformation into a werewolf.  David made for one nasty werewolf and managed to kill several citizens of London before he’s finally shot down by the police.

William Corvinus – Underworld: Evolution


According to Underworld mythology, William – the son of Alexander Corvinus – was bitten by a wolf and became the first Lycan.  William’s brother Marcus was bitten by a bat and became the first vampire.  What are the chances that two brothers suffer bites from a bat and a wolf?  Seriously, who gets bitten by a bat?

Will Randall – Wolf


Jack Nicholson could probably play a pretty good werewolf without any makeup at all, so his portrayal of publishing editor Will Randall is a lot of fun to watch.  Sure, Randall does all the typical werewolf/animalistic kind of stuff, but he also adds a little pissing all over the place for good measure.

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  1. I think the best werewolf of the list is the american werewolf in london. Another one (that it´s more like an old angry cat) could be Michael Jackson´s one in the Thriller video…

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