10 Things You Didn’t Know About Mocospace

As the virtual and digital world continues to expand there a constant influx of new platforms and networks continues. One of the most rapidly growing network bases is gaming. These networks are not only about playing the game, but they are also places where gamers and their fans can connect. In the gaming world, sites networks like Mocospace are just as popular as Facebook and Twitter are for the general public. While this is a spot for games, it should be seen for what it really is, a network platform for those who possess a particular type of mindset. There has been a lot of focus on Mocospace recently, and not all of it good. If you are wondering what it is all about, here are 10 facts that you likely are unaware of.

1. The Social Network is Under Investigation

While the site itself is not the center of most of the criminal investigations, it has become a place where some dangerous people have decided to meet up. According to investigators, the social network is likely one of the most dangerous networks for kids to congregate. It has been described as a place where gang members meet to talk and adults look for sex. With a focus on reducing child trafficking and CSA, it is easy to see why this concerns investigators.

2. It is Becoming Fertile Soil for Child Predators

Children are drawn to things that are supposed to be off-limits, and that is what is happening with this site. Children are logging on and predators are finding them. It is important to understand our crafty and aware these predators are. A substantial percentage of child sex crimes originate on the internet, and Mocospace is proving to be fertile hunting grounds for these predators.

3. Mocospace Has Found It Difficult to Monitor Its Traffic

It is the responsibility of social network sites to monitor the content and engagement on their platforms. This is why all platforms have community guidelines that govern what can be posted and how users interact with one another. Whether it is an issue with the software, algorithms, or a personnel shortage, there seems to be a lot going on outside of the control of the site management.

4. It Has Been Around for 13 Years

Because most people are unfamiliar with the site, it might surprise many to learn that the site has been around for more than 13 years. It was founded in 2005. It was originally touted as a mobile community. It allows users to engage, chat, and play games. The site currently has over 100 million users, which pales in comparison to the billions of unique users that Facebook engages daily, but 100 million people are the equivalent to nearly 1/3 of the United States population.

5. The Site Boasts a High Diversity Ratio

Despite being focused on catering to gamers, the site has a high diversity ratio. In fact 1/3 of the members are African American, another third are Hispanic. Nearly 40 percent of the users are between the ages of 18-24, but there are members that are 35 years and older. Unfortunately, some underage kids find their way onto the site as well.

6. Suffers in Profile Quality

One thing that sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have done is provide a quality experience by making profile features highly functional. On the aforementioned sites, users are able to customize their experience and control the level at which they engage others. Mocospace gets low grades in this area. Some people complain that profiles are hard to verify and they are not as detailed as most would like them to be.

7. The Free Version of the App Comes with Popups

There are not too many things that are more frustrating than the constant bombardment of popup ads. Sometimes I wonder if the ads are actually meant to sell products or annoy people enough to purchase the paid version of the app. Since most people opt for the free version, you can imagine that there are a lot of complaints about the popups.

8. A Different Place to Meet New Friends

While there is definitely a need for warning disclaimers for this site and the need for parents to monitor their children’s access to Mocospace, it still remains a legitimate place for people to come together to meet new friends. Because it focuses on gaming, there is usually a form of commonality that creates the foundation for building new meaningful relationships.

9. Usability With an Intuitive User Interface

When it comes to any type of site, the easier it is to use, the more satisfying and rewarding the experience. As a general rule, the users of Mocospace say that it is easy to use and navigate — allowing for a more fluent and enjoyable experience. It has a neat appearance that is similar to the design of Facebook, possessing a timeline and news feed. The newsfeed is constantly updated with new content, so there is always something for users to check for.

10. Operates on a Credit System

The platform operates on a credit system and these credits can be purchased. Credits can be purchased for one cent per credit. There is a VIP account in which a person can pay a monthly quarterly fee for unlimited credits. Many believe that the site will have to abandon this practice if it wants to remain competitive.

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