A Complete Wishlist for Persona 6

Although it’s not clear whether there is going to be a sequel to Persona 5 or a Persona 6 coming out next, players and enthusiasts for the game are already sharing their wishlists for the sixth version of the game. Most players are of the mind that it’s time for the developers to move on to the sixth numerical installment of the game. Here is a complete wishlist for Persona 6 based on what we’ve learned from popular forum sites and other discussions on the topic.

1. Same-sex relationships

According to Nerdmuch, there are a lot of players that want the game to incorporate more aspects of relationships in the real world around us. They want the characters to be able to develop same-sex relationships. This is an aspect of life that has been left out of the previous versions of the game. This is something that many fans are hoping Atlus will consider including. So far, only female characters have been made romanceable.

2. Let the player choose his/her gender in the game

Another request on the wishlist is to allow the players a choice of gender. There have been a few ladies as protagonists in the past, such as Maya Amano and Minako Arisato, but the choices have been slim. Quite a few players have recommended either adding more female protagonists or giving each player who chooses a character the choice of whether that character is a male or a female.

3. Allow the characters to age

Instead of keeping the cast of the game forever young and in high school, why not allow them to get older? There are a lot of different directions that Atlus couple takes the game if the characters were allowed to follow the natural age progression. This would allow players to maintain a more relevant connection with the characters after years of playing. Why not start with allowing them to advance to an age of 20 something and open up the opportunity to go to college and get part-time jobs?

4. Build in a bigger world

While some players are content with the size of the world, others would like to see the calendar in the game extended to a full year without skipping any months between the final battles of the game. This could make the story longer and provide more room to develop and expand the characters for a more memorable gaming experience.

5. Add new locations around Japan

Another wish that we saw surface several times is for new locations within Japan. This could help to justify the addition of a full calendar and a bigger world. There are so many different aspects that Atlus could incorporate into the game to give us a few more themes with a few new locations for fighting enemies and new environments.

6. Let the world change a city at a time

Players have indicated that they would like to see an evolution take place within the cities in the game. They want the game to reflect the changes in the world one city at a time. As you visit each city, it will have grown and changed in some way and it would provide a new age that could make the game more fun and interesting. It would be great if they built in a system for triggering the advancement to a new age.

7. Add more details for combat

Players want to see new combat and more elements from the past brought into Persona 6. Import some of the familiar characters and scenarios from past versions of the game, such as demon negotiation, guns, Psi/Nuclear skills. Taking these parts of the game to new levels would be awesome.

8. Add enhanced conversations with demons

Players are calling for Atlus to bring in more interaction with demons to allow meaningful conversations with them. It’s also been recommended to let characters change into demons and to allow characters to go back in time and save some of their friends from their deaths. this is one potential that fans would like to see brought into the game to give it greater depth and dimension.

9. Change the music genre

Although not all players would agree that the music needs to be changed, there are quite a few who vote for this alteration. They would like to hear a new music genre by Shoji Meguro. It hasn’t been bad so far, but fans of the game are looking for something a little different and the release of catchy soundtracks to go along with new musical compositions. A few recommendations for rock guitar or electronic dance music were made.

10. Let Igor and Philemon play a major role

Some fans would like to see Philemon step up and play more of a role as time advances in the game. They also mentioned that they’d like to see more involvement for Igor, according to Reddit.

11. Bring on a contrasting theme

Another item on the wishlist is to have a theme of fear in the game. This would make a great contrast with the other modern Persona games. It would be an excellent way to change up the game for those who are ready for some truly radical changes. Although this isn’t likely to be a wish that is fulfilled, we’re all allowed to dream and share our opinions.

12. Expand the idea of an international trip

Players with extensive wishlists also suggested that using the international trip idea that was suggested for Persona 5 is an excellent idea. It would add more depth and dimension to the game. Bring on some new locations and environments for the characters. It would also be a good way to introduce new themes and interesting characters.

13. Increase the new elements for skills

Although Atlus has done a decent job with skills elements, players are suggesting that this is an area that can still be further developed. They’d like to see some more of them. A few of the recommendations that were made include a Dream element and an Earth element for developing skills.

14. Make the protagonist’s firs element fire

Those that are really into the notion of a fear theme would also like to see the elements follow suit. Since fire is one of the scariest elements, it would be fitting for the first Persona’s element to be Fire.

15. Make your character morally ambiguous

Some want to see the main protagonist emerge as a morally ambiguous character. This is something that Atlus has started moving towards but there are quite a few players who want to see the developers go all out on this aspect of the game. They believe that it would enhance the journey of the game and make the outcomes closer to how things come to an end in the real world.

16. State the year that the game takes place

Players were not happy about the fact that the year that the game takes place wasn’t stated for Persona 5. It’s just nice to have a frame of reference for gameplay. The year could provide some interesting directions for the game to take that are relevant to the period.

17. Bring back some of the characters from older games

Players want to see more characters from older versions of the game. Bring them back in random situations and let some of them stand in the background, and some others appear as minor characters in the game. Also, allow them to age. This would add a bit of familiarity and depth to the game.

18. Bring in a university setting

RPG overload members have several recommendations from members they want to see show up in the new Persona 6 game. One of the most popular ideas is to move the setting from the High School to a university setting. This would go along with allowing the characters to follow a natural age progression and get older. Some players aren’t pushing for a dramatic age change. They’d prefer to see the characters advance to college-age in a group between 18-21 years.

19. Bring in some international characters

Including characters that join the cast from different parts of the world would add a new aspect to Persona 6. The addition of a few new characters from various countries is a common suggestion. Give them backstories and cultures. Give the new foreign characters complementary accents. Include different ways of saying things would add a lot of depth and some diversity to the game. Players are thinking that it would be easy to bring in a few foreign exchange students.

20. Add some schedule conflicts

The university setting could also open up some interesting themes for building time hugging and management skills with tight class and other responsibility schedules. The main character could choose the courses to take each semester to boost skills and gain new abilities to boost player statistics. For example, a geography class could be useful in filling dungeon maps. Taking a business class could improve negotiation skills when going into shops to make purchases.

21. Let the characters customize their personalities

In addition to allowing the characters to be customized in accordance with their genders, players would also like to see more full customization options for the personalities of their chosen characters. This would add a new social wrinkle to the game. You could add habits or tendencies. Some characters in the game could be more sentimental and sensitive. Others could be more pragmatic and stoic. There is a lot of room for development if Atlus decides to give the characters more flexibility and greater dimension.

22. Make the mascots less surly

Some players are a bit annoyed with how bossy the mascots in the game have been. While mascots can be cute and whimsical, some get annoyed when an animal tries to tell them what to do. There have been more than a few comments about scaling back on the overbearing “It’s time for bed” reminder from a cat. Better dialogues can be inserted into the game than this.

23. Better battle elements

Gamerant points out a few more items that must be added to the wishlist for Persona 6. Players would like to see more unique additions to battle. While Atlus has done a decent job of its let’s keep the good work moving forward. Keep adding more for every party member with new actions that can be taken in battle, like what happened in the fifth installment. Doing this will keep things fresh and new in the game.

24. Update the dungeon design

Escapist Magazine has gathered a few more items for the wishlist. Players would like to see a dungeon design that has more variations. They’d like to see more ledges to climb onto and crevices in the floor that characters would have to jump over. The aesthetics have become a little dull. Some find it boring. There is a lot that the developers could do to improve the dungeon area and to make it more varied and aesthetically pleasing. Some have mentioned including more interesting corridors and possibly adding some new twists for the sake of fun and challenges. Most can agree on one thing, and it’s that there is a need to do some rework on the dungeon.

25. Provide choices for the environment

It would be nice if players had control over whether the environment is displayed in 2D or 3D. Some players think that having the ability to control this option would make the game interesting from an optical point of view. This is an item that has been mentioned on several wishlists. One player observed that the fully 3D environment is fun and interesting. He further to explains that the 2-dimensional environment made gameplay for Persona 3 on PSP go a lot faster. Giving players the option would be an exciting feature choice.

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