The Top Five Overwatch Characters of All-Time

One of the reasons that Overwatch has managed to find success is its colorful setting. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that its characters have played a pivotal role in that regard. With that said, some Overwatch characters are cooler than others, though for obvious reasons, different people are bound to have different opinions about who is cool and who is not so cool. For us, here are five of the top Overwatch characters:


It isn’t exactly a secret that the Overwatch setting has a lot of issues that need to be resolved. However, while there are some settings that would’ve used that to move in a pessimistic direction, Overwatch isn’t one of them. Instead, its issues are balanced with spotlights of hope, with an excellent example being Bastion. In short, Bastion is one of the numerous combat automations that were used against humans during Omnic Crisis, meaning that it is a very visible symbol of one of the darkest periods in the setting. However, Bastion is interesting in that it has developed an interest in nature after its sudden awakening, so much so that he is now focused on exploring it with his bird companion. As such, while it might be a symbol of bad times, it is also a symbol that those bad times as well as that which came out of them can change for the better.


Generally speaking, the members of Talon can be a bit much, as shown by the Internet memes that have been inspired by Reaper. However, the current holder of the Doomfist title Akande Ogundimu manages to strike a neat balance, which to be perfectly fair, was helped to an enormous extent by an excellent introductory video. Granted, his beliefs are still ridiculous, but they are very much the kind of ridiculous that can exist in real life, thus making the character that much more intimidating. Combined with the fact that the current Doomfist is a true believer rather than someone who mouths the word for personal benefit, that makes him an excellent fit for a particular kind of villain that was missing in Overwatch before his introduction. The fact that Doomfist also satisfied the teasing for such a character that has been happening since the beginning was just the cherry on the cake.


Pharah gets the nod because her power armor design makes for a very cool presentation, particularly because of the Egyptian motifs that have been worked into it here and there. Besides this, Pharah gets major points because of her connections to other characters in the Overwatch setting. Currently, the most important of these would be her mother Ana, who was one of the characters who made their debut in Overwatch after its initial release. However, there are others, thus making for relationships that serve to make Pharah feel more like a natural component of the setting in which she exists.


Knights continue to command a considerable presence in the popular imagination of the west. As a result, it is no wonder that futuristic knights continue to pop up in a wide range of media, as shown by the existence of Reinhardt. With that said, Reinhardt is also very amusing in that he is much closer to the present than most of the other characters in Overwatch, which is something that has made some very entertaining references possible. As it turns out, Germans will continue loving David Hasselhoff far into the future, which is even funnier because Hasselhoff’s music was such a flop in his native United States.


There aren’t a lot of characters that can show Overwatch‘s stranger aspects better than Winston, who can claim the distinction of being a genetically-modified gorilla who escaped from a lunar colony when the other genetically-modified gorillas rose up against the human scientists overseeing the experiment that they were in. Suffice to say that Winston is something of a stand-out, particularly since his personality isn’t what most people would expect on initial inspection. After all, Winston is an action-scientist armed with a Tesla Cannon, though gorillas being gorillas, he is still perfectly capable of inflicting incredible damage on his enemies with his bare hands.

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