Five Unconventionally Awesome Jobs in Movies

Aside from being the director, producer, or one of the main characters in a movie, most of the other jobs that involve the making of a film aren’t all that glamorous.  I guess on a second tier level I would say that the musical composer and editor are some pretty big roles as well.  However, once you move past that the jobs that entail making a movie are rarely spoken about or even appreciated.

But in the giant list of positions and credits you see rolling at the end of the film, there’s definitely some cool jobs in in there.  There are five in particular that I think would be kick ass…..

Music Supervisor

Have you ever seen a movie and said to yourself  “that was the perfect song for that moment!” during a critical scene?  Well that’s what these guys do.  They get to create a musical score.  It’s pretty awesome.  I think if there’s one job I’d want on a movie it’d be this one.  I mean you basically control the musical and psychological tone of a movie.  You can instantly make it light or dark or really twisted.  Pretty awesome if you ask me.


My brother is actually a colorist and it sounds kick ass to me.  These are the guys that work in post production.  It’s similar to editing but it has only to do with color.  They work in complex dark offices that look like a spaceship and spend their time adjusting color.  So if you want a movie in a bluish tone, then you call these dudes.  If you want it to look rough, wavy, etc etc a colorist does all this.

Sound Editing/Sound Effects

This is one of the coolest jobs on the planet.  Ever hear the clip clop sound of a horse in a film? 9 times out of 10 it’s not a horse making that sound.  It might be a rock hitting the bottom of a piece of hard rubber.  Who the hell knows.  Sound editors are the ones who come up with all the weird ways to make sounds that you think are being made but really aren’t.  Classic example is when someone bites down on chips.  Usually that’s someone squeezing a bag or something.

Casting Director

Like a music director choosing appropriate songs,  this is the person who suggests what people will be right for a certain role.  I think it gets interesting when you’re talking about weird films.  Like how fun would it be to have to go through determining who plays “the weird guy on the street?”

The Dude Who Gets To Touch Hot Women

I don’t know the name of this role but I assume a production assistant or wardrobe assistant might do this stuff?  This is like when a hot actress’s bikini loses it’s place and someone has to go help her tighten it or whatever.  Now that’s an awesome job.

* I’d also probably include make up artist and stunt man as some cool jobs.

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  1. Military adviser. Sometimes done right, more often NOT. But when they get the right prior Serviceman AND actually listen to him… BAMCIS!(not a misspelling, if you get it – you get it.)

  2. @escargot: It does seem to be what they mean by the description.

    As a film & video major in college I was luckily enough to get a taste of some of these positions (not the hot girl toucher, unfortunately) and they are pretty awesome. They’re really underrated when people think about movie jobs.

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