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Dusklight Shards in Destiny 2 are useful planetary resources and it’s not hard to find them, but once you learn their many uses, they go quickly. It seems you can never have enough. It’s essential to obtain as many of them as you can for enhanced play. There is more than one way to get them and there are a few tricks for farming them that can help you get even more. They’re a resource that spawns throughout the EDZ and you can get them from completing activities, bounties, and patrols. This guide will help you to collect Dusklight Shards more quickly and efficiently. Here is everything you need to know about their uses, and how to get dusklight Shards in Destiny 2.

Uses for Dusklight Shards

Dotesports points out that Dusklight Shards make playing Destiny 2 more fun and intriguing. You can use them to buy materials for upgrades from Banshee 44, trading them for Ascendant Shards, Enhancement Prisms, and Upgrade Modules. They can be turned in to Devrim Kay to acquire EDZ emblems and gear. The thing about doing the latter is that you’ll need to shell out between 50 to 60 shards for each level. They’re a form of currency that allows you to buy resources but the resource goes quickly and that’s why it’s necessary to get as many as you can. Here are the best ways to stockpile your Dusklight Shards

The Spider

Go to the Tangles Shore and visit The Spider. He often has Dusklight Shards on his inventory, although not all the time. It’s worth your while to check his stock every time there is a reset. You never know when the Spider will have a hefty supply of them. Sometimes The Spider sells them for Legendary Shards or Glimmer in bulk. That’s the time to beef up your stock from this resource.

Bounties from Devrim Kay

Progame Talk advises that Devrim Kay gives you 10 Dusklight Shards every time you finish a bounty. It’s an easy way for players to farm Dusklight Shards and it adds to your inventory. We recommend that you complete as many bounties as you can.

Defeat the bosses and open their cache

You can also obtain Dusklight Shards at the end of Lost Sectors, but you’ll need to do some work to earn them. The first thing to do is to challenge and defeat the boss. After defeating the boss you will need to open their cache to find the Dusklight Shards.

Harvesting Dusklight Shards

Sometimes you miss out on the vendor rotations for buying Dusklight Shards. You may need to go out in the wild and collect them. You’ll find them throughout the EDZ. Look for plants that are tall and white. You’ll find Dusklight Shards in the nodes. They’re not hard to spot, but hand harvesting can be challenging. It’s best to have the right Ghost Mods Resource Detector to shoe the nodes on your gaming screen. They appear from a good distance away. Bountiful Harvest helps you to get extra materials when you’re out harvesting resources. Game Rant advises that the best places to find the resources in the wild are from The Sludge to Trostland and in Maevic Square. Look for a dark crystalline plant structure with a slight glow. Don’t forget to open all chests you find when you’re exploring the various areas because they may contain Dusklight Shards. Another mod helpful for finding chests and planetary resources is The Wombo Detector. It marks the goodies with small white waypoints so you can find them easier. They recommend that you fully Masterwork the level of a shell to obtain the best mods. You will need to use upgrade materials to do so.

Increasing your efficiency in collecting Dusklight Shards

Use the various detector mods if you have Fireteams to cover larger expanses of the region more efficiently. You’ll need to equip Bountiful Harvest to maximize your collection of resources and gathering materials to Masterwork any new armor and weapons coming in the next season. Make sure to equip the mods in your Ghost for more efficient exploration of the EDZ. It’s best to use the mods to enhance discovery versus looking for them visually. Clear and area, then move on to the next region.

Summary of gathering Dusklight Shards

Shack News sums up the best way to enhance efficiency when you’re on a mission to collect the most Dusklight Shards quickly. Plan to employ numerous methods, but use them in conjunction with one another. You can set up a streamlined strategy that helps you to acquire Dusklight Shards more efficiently. To recap your best strategies for efficient collection of the most Dusklight Shards, compete in public events, defeat the bosses and check their cache, open all planetary chests, collect them from the ground, use mods to scan larger expanses of regions in exploration, purchase them from the Spider in the Tangles Shore When available and don’t forget to check back after every reset. Dusklight Shards spawn throughout the EDZ. When you have plenty of Glimmer and Legendary Shards, your best option is to purchase the Dusklight Shards from The Spider, but if you’re running low on these resources, your best bet is to go out hunting for them in the EDZ. In some cases, you can clear an area of shards, then turn around and find that more Dusklight Shards have spawned, so it’s worth a second look before you move on to a new area for exploration. These are the most highly recommended tips and tricks for getting the most Dusklight Shards in Destiny 2 quickly and efficiently. We hope that you find this resource helpful and wish you happy and productive gaming.

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