Evil Dead: The Game – Plague Bringer Guide

Even though Evil Dead: The Game has its fair share of demons, the Plague Bringer comes with some unique bells and whistles that let her stand above the rest. Along with her skeleton crew, she also has the ability to summon a cauldron that grants assorted buffing perks. Along with her long-range attacks, this demon can conjure up some rather difficult battles for the survivors. With the right abilities lined up, the Plague Bringer will be able to crush survivors rather early in the match. Even though she comes in the guise of some kind of “swamp hag” she is fairly quick and hard to dodge. Thusly, there skeleton minions are also fairly nimble in their own right. With a few upgrades, demon players can have survivors dancing in no time.

On top of that, she excels at spamming her powers that can slowly overwhelm her enemies. Survivors can easily get attacked from all angles and have them scatter like squirrels. The Plague Bringer works best when players divide and conquer the survivor team. If she gets surrounded by the survivors, she can get torn down pretty quickly. So, demon players will be better off focusing on her army and buffing them up as fast as possible. There are also ways to enhance the amount of infernal energy that the Plague Bringer can soak up. Given the number of powers she has, she can burn through her resources pretty quickly and a hearty amount of infernal energy is required.

Now, the first thing that players should look into is building up the Plague Bringer’s army. When her minions are upgraded, the witch herself will be able to run circles around the opposition and provide support. Which, in turn, will make the later stages of the match become a whirlwind of death. Look into upgrading her cauldron, as well. It will act as a complement toward her skeleton army by buffing them up in various ways. The following list is just recommendations that players can start with. There are several builds that players can experiement with. Everything from; Speed, Power and Blight are some of the factors that a demon player solely stack up on, if they wish.

The Plague Bringer’s Skills

Wicked Brew

  • The witch will summon a cauldron which will be placed on the ground. It comes with a hefty health meter and it takes a while to be destroyed. Demons within its vicinity will have reduced stun damage and it takes less infernal energy for using their abilities. On top of that, healing items with the survivors are less effective.

Expert Alchemist

  • This skill stacks on top of Wicked Brew. Basically, all of its effects are enhanced up to 30% from their base level. Everything from the buffing of demons, to the nerfing of survivors.

Blight Booster

  • Whenever a survivor is infected with blight, the rate of infernal energy is increased. Coupled with a few unlocked abilities, demon players can a full inventory in half the time.

Toil and Trouble

  • This skill will increase the HP of the cauldron, making it tougher to destroy. Thus, the cost of infernal energy is decreased regarding possessing units.

Build Up Plague Bringer’s Army First

As mentioned before, buffing up the army is the foundation toward any build with the Plague Bringer. Hence, starting with the Extremely Vicious Circle will help juice up the attacks for the Prisoner Skeleton Basic Unit. Thus, unlocking the Heavy Damage: Basic and Portal Authority: Basic will assist with stronger attacks and summoning units faster. Plus, Raging Reaper and Infernal Revenue are also two good unlocks to purchase. This will help with enhancing piercing attacks and reducing infernal energy to open portals. Afterwards, looking into the Boss and Elite units with the Plague Bringer can also really help out in the long run. Even though her Basic units are actually quite deadly in the long run.

Next, Try To Enhance The Plague Bringer’s Blight

The Plague Bringer has the ability to poison her enemies with blight. On her skill tree, there are several abilities to unlock that center around it. Lingering Symptoms is one abilty that can be useful. It increases the duration of blight’s effects. Also, Putrefied Potion Pitcher makes the pitcher attack more longlasting. Plus, Combat Fatique will weaken survivors infected with blight. Their attacks will deal less damage. It also might be worth unlocking the Fatal Filthy Splatter ability for the Pit Deadite. This will increase the effects for the projectile that she hurls. Players should take advantage of this, since demonic projectiles are few and far between in Evil Dead: The Game.

Last, Try Upgrading The Plague Bringer’s Speed

The Plague Bringer is a rather speedy demon. She can zip around and dodge attacks pretty effectively by default. Luckily, there are some abilities in her tree that can make her even better in that regard. One, in particular, is the Grandmaster Dash. What this does is that whenever the Plague Bringer performs a demonic dash, the cooldown with placing portals is reduced. With that said, Quick Charge Demonic Dash will make the cooldown period with the Demonic Dash shorter. Unlocking Wicked Fast will also cause the infernal orbs to respawn faster, giving the demon increased access to her evil powers. These abilities, when unlocked, will allow players to have a little more control in the battlefield.


As with every other character in Evil Dead: The Game, the Plague Bringer is pretty mallable. Building up just one aspect in her kit can make all the difference. Whether it is her speed, blight powers, or demonic minions. Whatever route a demon player chooses, the Plague Bringer can easily become the thorn on the side with even the most hardened survivor players. Evil Dead: The Game is now available for PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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